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  1. Basswood blanks for turning

    I have somewhere between 900 and 1000 pieces of basswood. They are all approximately 1.25" x 1.50" x 18". I would be more than willing to trade them for some good looking top water lures or cash.
  2. Couple ?'s on compressor and paint

    @ 68KF I just posted a reply to a different thread and had a flashback to this one. I was typing the word "airbrush" and couldn't remember if it was one word or two. My wife looked at me like I was crazy when I started laughing for no apparent reason.
  3. paint scheme for sunfish?

    @ DSV Very nice paint job. I like that it has the hard lines yet you were able to blend it almost like an airbrush. The eye is a great touch.
  4. Couple ?'s on compressor and paint

    68KF......It is especially, not specially. I couldn't resist. I'll take your "free", "professional" advice any time I can get it. I'm not afraid to say that someone who has your years of experience is a professional. You may not be a "know it all", but you certainly do know all you are talking about. Hearing your opinions about your equipment (vs other equipment) and experienceis a desire of the majority I'm sure. Please don't let the one bad apple spoil the bunch, I value your comments and posts. FERG
  5. ok heres a few more

    Um, I think you have got it mastered. They swim and look great. Did you pour the tails too? FERG
  6. My First Swim Bait Top Water Lure!

    That would be awesome on one of the lakes I fish if it were painted Baby Walleye. The shape is to die for, I hope you don't mind me fashioning one after it. Can't wait to see the finished product. FERG
  7. Quick Tips...take em all, but leave one of your own!

    I hate to admit that I know what it is called, but I think it is the stuff used for "Plastic Canvas Stitchery". If you would ask for that at Michaels, they will know what you mean. FERG
  8. Six ounce VampGlider

    I like this one more every time I see it. I love the impact marks, cool effect!
  9. Skirt making made easy

    Great tute. You sure make it look easy, I have got to give this whirl. If I can make a suggestion; I would go with a solid color background, some of the colorblind folks might not be able to pick out some of the foreground from the background. FERG
  10. TU Etiquette Takers Vs. Givers

    Just thought I would chime in. My name is Todd, I'm 37 and live in Gresham, Wisconsin. I have a wife and three daughters. I made my first lure about a month ago and if you search my posts, you might find a picture of it, I hope you don't find it. I hope to gain some experience hee and then start sharing some as I hone my skills. FERG
  11. A Swimbait in the Making

    I have to say the eye looks VERY realistic. I sure hope my first swim bait turns out this good, and this quick. I have to remodel my basement before doing another lure so I am hoping to get started around December. Until then I will continue to "go to school" on all of the TU members successes and defeats. FERG
  12. Wokshops

    Gene, Great place. I can't imagine having a place like that. I could live in there. If I ever make it to TN, I want a tour. FERG
  13. Small, medium, large

  14. My lessons learned on paint

    Mr J, Did you ever post the picture? I put my hidious creation on here, it can't be worse than mine. Here is the finished product. I named it the "Quad P" short for "Pathetic Pile o' Poop Perch". It weighed 3.5 ounces and dove about 3 inches with a screaming fast retrieve. It swam like a turd. I gave it to my dad for fathers' day and after about a half dozen casts I said "just cast it as far as you can and cut your line". I think he would have but Power Pro is pretty expensive line. My next one should turn out a little better, at least I hope it does. FERG
  15. Through wire help

    Great info guys. Anyone ever use a steel leader for the through wire? Not leader wire material, but the actual leader itself? It already has a line tie on one end and the hook eye on the other. For lures with 3 hooks, you just need 2 leaders. That doesn't make any sense as I write it, you would need 2 leaders for lures with 2 hooks as well. The thing I like about the idea is that if you use the same leader that you fish with, the lure is not the "weakest link". Your thoughts? FERG