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  1. Getting The Bait Level

    Great idea on the steel ruler to check for errors, I have never been able to get this cut remotely square and this is a big step for me. Thanks everyone for the tips and the walk through to getting this done. Dan
  2. Getting The Bait Level

    Ok, Please take a look at the cut and give my your thoughts. It looks fairly even to me. By the way, this is not the angle I want but was just testing the cut.
  3. Getting The Bait Level

    Hi, My saw has lots of adjustments, it's new and I'm not sure what I am doing. I will re-read the manual start with the square. Thanks for the help guys. It's a real problem for me to get the lip slot cut straight, I have tried to get this right for a while. Dan
  4. Getting The Bait Level

    All, I am working with a 1/2" thick wood lure and attempting to cut a lip slot with my 9" band saw. The issue is I can't get the band saw table level, even with a bulls eye level it is off on one side of the blade.The adjustment are not very precise, I keep going back and forth. When I make the cut and then look at the lip slot from the belly of the lure I can see it is slighter lower on one corner, otherwise it looks pretty good How critical is it for this cut to be dead level? I am thinking about building a "Sled" with a leveler in each corner in an attempt to make this cut. It would be a wooden section with screws on each corner and a clamp of some sort to hold the bait. I would run it along the fence in an attempt to keep things square. Any thoughts?
  5. Help With Painting _ Photo Attached

    Reel, Those lures are great, thanks for posting. I was giving up on createx regular but you make me want to try it again.
  6. Help With Painting _ Photo Attached

    Thanks Guys, I will keep at it.
  7. Newbie First Time Painter

    Wow, I wish that was what my first ones looked like, what kind of paint are you using? Dan
  8. Help With Painting _ Photo Attached

    Hi Guys, Do you think I can get good results with regular Createx paint and a Paasche single action or should I try another type / brand ? I am thinking of buying a double action air brush but the choices are huge. I am searching the forums but it is a ton of information. Any thoughts would be great. Dan
  9. Help With Painting _ Photo Attached

    Hi All, I am using a Paasche single action H and Createx water based paint and can't seem to get it looking good. I have this hooked to a small Grizzly compressor set at about 45 PSI My paint looks spotty and spattered and I'm not sure how to correct this, any thought would be great. Dan
  10. Finally, A Song I'd Play On My Boat

    Very cool song
  11. Flad Sides From The Lathe

    Dave, I would like to make many and attempt to keep them the same, I am using a disk sander and using the pre drilled eye holes as a reference, I am trying to come up with a jig but I thought this may have been worked out already. Maybe I should stop at this point and work some from flat stock, that may be much better. Thanks for your thoughts everyone. Dan
  12. Flad Sides From The Lathe

    Hello, I am attempting to sand flat sides on my round lure body after it comes off of the lathe, I get the first side looking great but can not get the second side to match up. Anyone have a trick for this? I'm just not good enough free hand. Thanks Dan
  13. Fins

    JP, Please understand that I only choose that photo because it was the best, hope I did not offend you. Thank you for the comments, it seems like a bit of work but the outcome is outstanding. Dan
  14. Fins

    Found this great photo online, this is what I am asking about.
  15. Fins

    All, I am looking through the gallery and notice fins either painted or grafted on (I'm not sure) can someone help my slow brain out and tell me how this is done. Thanks Dan