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  1. Bluegill

    Thanks Braided Line
  2. 6 1/2 inch repainted storm jointed flatstick in a rainbow trout pattern. I used a mixture of paints and pigments on this one.
  3. Bluegill

    4 inch bluegill cut from mahogany and has hand painted eyes
  4. Sexy shad musky spinner

    Musky spinner with a sexy shad colored fly. #7 hammered nickel blade. just under 8 inches long
  5. Musky fly

    Musky fly tied in a rainbow trout pattern. 5" long, tied on a 5/0 mustad hook using a variety of materials. It's hard to capture the "flash" of this fly in a picture.
  6. Boxes of Wood for sale,Mahogany/Mixed

    I have 2 medium flat rate boxes filled with wood for sale.Mixed lengths and they all are 3/4" thick. One has all Mahogany and the other one is mixed with Cherry,Maple,Poplar and Mahogany.I only have these 2 For sale right now but can get more to gether if theres any interest. Email me @ Or send me a pm. Thanks, Logan.
  7. Has Any Body Ordered From....

    Hey toadfrog,thanks for the reply. I got ahold of him today,he is shipping it out tommorrow. he said he was just swamped with orders. Logan..
  8. Has Any Body Ordered From....

    Has anyone ordered form Fly tyers dungeon recently? I ordered some stuff going on over a week ago and have not seen or heard anything yet, I sent him an email a few days ago and he hasent got back to me. Any help would be apperciated.. Logan...
  9. Swimbait Hooks And More.

    35.00 shipped for it all,Obo.. Thanks Logan..
  10. Swimbait Hooks And More.

    ANY OFFERS??? Logan..
  11. Swimbait Hooks And More.

    Hi folks, i have some extra stuff for sale. 2 boxes of egale claw weighted swimbait hook assortments, 1 is 1/8oz and the other is 1/4 oz,10.00 ea boxes have (3)ea.3/0,4/0,5/0,6/0,7/0. 6 barbed spears and 1 pack of nitro grease. 2 packs of 5" yum swimbaits,3.00 ea 2 packs of Gamakatsu catfish hook assortments,7.00 ea if you want pics just let me know. shipping will depend on what you want. Pm me or ask here.Thanks...Logan.
  12. Crankbait Belly Weights

    Check here.... Logan..
  13. Homemade Fluid Bed

    This should help you... Fluid Bed - Ohio Game Fishing Community Logan...
  14. Lure copies

    hey hazmail, just search for "musky pike bass lure" and tiggers' lures should come up. which lures are you talking about?that go for a $1. are they the jointed ones where you get like 10 of them? logan....
  15. Molding/Casting Hardbaits

    Home Projects and Hobbies | Smooth-On, Inc. This should help, i think i am going to try this. they show you how to make the molds if you go to the video section.