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  1. Did you get my PM? I can't tell if that feature has since been disabled.
  2. I just joined the site a little while ago and have been catching up on some old threads. I saw the one about the bass your son caught in NY. You mentioned that he modified a spinnerbait by changing the blades and having them run in opposite directions. Do you know exactly how he did this? I'd like to tinker with some of my own to see if I can get a little different action from them. If anyone else has experience doing this, please feel free to chime in as well. Also, were you able to post the pictures? I'd love to see them if you wouldn't mind sharing. I tried sending you a PM but it said that your mailbox was full. Thanks, J
  3. Aha! That explains it. I've had some rubber skirts start to melt or stick together on me when I store them with plastic craw trailers still attached. The soft plastic trailers must have an oil-based scent in them.
  4. Hi all, I'm new to the site and looking to assemble my own rubber-skirted bass jigs. I'm looking for some recommendations on jig-head manufacturers because I'm not really interested in pouring my own lead. Does anyone know some good vendors that produce both football head and round(er) head jigs? Ideally I'm looking for: - recessed hook eyes - ability to choose length and number of weedguard strands - high quality hooks (e.g. Owner) Also, is there a big difference in the type of rubber used for the skirts? Do some perform better in cold water vs. warm? Thanks in advance.
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