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  1. bbduc

    Two jointed pike lures

    Dieter, Nice work. They move as well as they look. Tooth marks are imminent. Cheers – bbduc
  2. bbduc

    Prototype 8 1/2 inch Flatshad

    Good stuff as usual. Also I like the fact that you "t'd" your front two hooks. Makes a difference. Now, when are we going to make a deal on some of those eyes you make? Take care – bob
  3. bbduc

    Couple Gliders

    I put 8 of these together, here's a couple that just came off the wheel. 7.75" long 4oz.
  4. bbduc


    That was hilarious. I did not read the description before viewing the video and bam you had a fish on during your swim test. Nice. Great work, great action, great lookin' baits and obviously the fish like them. – bob
  5. bbduc


    As usual some of the cleanest work I've seen. This latest batch of 5 different looks of gliders are all nice. Like the incorporation of the tails. Top-shelf work. – bob
  6. bbduc


    It's been awhile since I've seen anything you have created. I'm a top water junkie and would throw any of these new baits you have made with confidence. Also, you are a master with the spray cans. At least you're putting that talent to good use, beats vandalizing the side of a building with graffiti. Nice work, paint and the props. – bob
  7. bbduc

    slimmy gliders

    As usual, clean work. Love the new patterns and colors. Always recognize your work straight away. Top notch. – bob
  8. bbduc

    Rocket Shad

    Great work Vince and from what I've read on the Ohio pages this bait has been producing. Congrats! – bob
  9. bbduc

    New 6" lake bait

    Inspiring work. I love the color combos. I dabble mostly in the hard baits but really need to jump into this world. Great stuff. – bob
  10. bbduc

    Dirty Double XL

    Another Dirty Double swim bait. This one has a slow drop rate, glides more than it drops. Great for shallow stuff. It's a large bait, almost 14 inches with the tails.
  11. bbduc

    Dirty Double

    Been throwing a lot of swim baits lately and decided to mix it up a bit. Here's a double tailed beast that I put together.
  12. bbduc

    Green Craw

    Match the hatch, nice work. Like the paint job. – bob
  13. bbduc

    Waving flag

    Cool. Take a little non-apologetic USA pride to the water.
  14. bbduc


    Here's a couple new baits added to the arsenal. Nice wobble action on the drop. Had a couple follows with these so far. No hook ups yet. I need to swap out the tail on the walleye colored bait, maybe black or gold with a touch of white at the tip of the tail. 11.75" long with tail, 6.1 oz. with hooks and tail, thru-wire Thanks for lookin' – bob
  15. bbduc

    Li'l Evils

    Clean work. Always have like the colors and patterns you come up with. – bob