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  1. I am having the exact same problem with the same mold. I tried the below tips but the hook still are a little loose in the lead. This is the tip up screwlock mold. I am using the eagle claw 574 ( barlows said it would fit that mold). I need some help, what do i need to do?
  2. I am new to pouring ang just got the screwlock tip up mold from do-it. I bought several sizes in hooks but the 1/8 oz. mold calls for a number 1 size hook. i was wanting to use like a 3/0 size. What is the best way to get the hook to fit, or can this not be done? I did a search for modifing a mold but could not find anything. Thanks, John
  3. Jim, did you ever get your icecream stirer up and stirring? If so could you post some pics?
  4. Well I am thinking of getting a pot to por out of and see that a lot of guys have the presto pots and some have the lee pots. the lee pot appeals to me because it seems you dont have to use as much plastic with it as the presto. which pot would be the better investment? I just pour for myself and friends. Thanks, John
  5. i was thiking about buying a gallon, but wanted to know if anyone uses this stuff and what you think about it? also who makes this plastic. thanks, john
  6. I would like to pour some jigs for myself similar to the spotremover jighead but I cant seem to find anything close. I have seen other heads made by other companies that look the same. What are these guys using. I just want something besides a ballhead shakie jig, one that stands up. Any advice? Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the tips. I will try it with a thinner mixture of dwp to see if that helps.
  8. I just wanted some help making a mold. I am trying to mold the reaction inovation flirt worm. I used DWP and a non stick small cake pan. I glued the worms to the bottom of the pan with super glue, mixed up the DWP and poured it into the pan. I put the pan on the dashboard of the truck to cure. After curing I carefully got the mold out of the pan and it looked bad. The DWP covered some parts of the worm, the tail area looked bad too. Can anybody share info on what i am doing wrong? Thanks for any advice.....
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