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  1. jdr418

    Make Me Some Rtv Jig Molds?

    If this is a jig head you use a lot of, you might consider having an aluminum mold made. I used hitechluremolds.com to make a jigging spoon mold several years ago. A good mold at what I thought was a reasonable price.
  2. jdr418


    Robalo01, Check out makelure.com. That is alumilites site for using their products for lure making. Larry Dahlburg has loads of videos on how to use their products for both hard and soft baits and molds. They are on youtube under makelure. I have used the regular casting resin on some projects and it works well if you are going to paint the casting. Their clear product can be colored with the colorant they sell.
  3. jdr418

    Labeling Rods? Water Slide Decals?

    Bob, There's a real good tutorial on water slide decals at rodbuildingtutorials.com. It is located in the misc. tutorials section and is by Dave Rogers. It is several pages and has good color photos.
  4. jdr418

    Lead Mold From Rtv

    Years ago I bought some RTV from Barlows and made several molds. I still have them and have cast many lures with them. I think the product was Dow/Corning 3120. If you want to use RTV find some 3120 or a product with similar specifications. It will work and make lots of lures. One secret I learned was to keep the lead just above melting point and dust the mold with talcum powder after a few pours.
  5. jdr418

    processing bucktails (curing, dying, etc)

    http://www.crappie.com/crappie/jig-tying-lure-making-forum/51261-buck-tail-dye.html This is a link to a topic on another forum site that gives all kinds of details on dying with Kool-Aid. There is actually a lot of info out there on the subject just do a search for kool aid dying bucktail.
  6. If you have lead casting that have been laying around for a while, they can oxidize. The powder coat may not adhere well. Dipping or soaking in white vinegar will remove the oxidization. Let the heads air dry completely and then paint.
  7. jdr418

    Resin In Aluminum Molds(do-it)

    cz75b is right on the money. Alumilite's silicone is easy to work with. Alumilite's web site, Makelure.com has some excellent videos on making molds with silicone.
  8. jdr418

    Coloring Epoxy

    Jig Man, I think you need to use a pigment to color or tint epoxy. Something like TAP Plastics opaque pigments. Rod builders use pigments to color their finishing epoxy when they marble a rod. Some guys use the thick stuff from the bottom of testors model enamel as a pigment. Mud Hole Tackle and Bullard Int. Rod supply sell some really hot colored pigments for this and it is designed to work mixed in exopy.
  9. jdr418

    Home Made Pressure Tank

    Sammy, Harbor Freight has a pressure pot that lots of peopel adapt for casting resins. It is about $100.00 but they run it on sale for about $80.00 fairly often and you can use one of their 20% coupons and get a good deal. Do a internet search for DIY pressure pot for casting resins and there is all kinds of info out there including you tube videos. Good luck. http://www.harborfreight.com/catalogsearch/result?q=paint+pot
  10. jdr418

    Powder Painting

    Check out TJ's Tackle web site. He has powder coating videos that show exactly what you are wanting to do, to include using the powder coat air brush. I have one of the air brushes and it is fairly easy to use....good luck
  11. jdr418

    Possible Compressor Problem ... Any Ideas?

    Kris, If the compressor is pumping up to pressure and cutting off that indicates that it is likely getting up to around 120-125 psi in the tank. If little air is comming out of the compressor, there is a restriction somewhere. Start at the regulator and work backward. You should be able to get high air discharge by adjusting the regulator up to its highest setting. Remove the regulator and pump the tank up and see what the air flow is like. If the air discharge is strong without the regulator that is the issue.
  12. jdr418

    Closing The Loop On A Spinner Bait?

    I have a little bender called The Little Blue Bender. It is sold in several of the supplier catalogs. It makes excellent R bends
  13. jdr418

    Harbor Freight Air Eraser?

    I used mine the other day to frost the bottom of a mason jar for a red neck wine glass. worked pretty well.
  14. jdr418

    Diamond Clear Coat

    http://www.kbs-coatings.com/diamondfinish-clearcoat.html Here is the link to the web site. I believe it is a moisture cure urethane. I have seen post elsewhere that it can be used as a clear coat over painted rod blanks and as a clear finish for lures. It is suppose to be crystal clear and dries flexible but hard. Bloxygen is the product that is used to slow down the curing process of the unused product left in the can. There is lots of info on kbs coatings web site.
  15. jdr418

    What Is This?

    Juice Its a Bagley Model B flat side. Probably from the 80's. I mave have a few in my crank bait box along with some Bagley Smoo's.