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  1. Kajan

    The Alien

    Nice design, nice designed mold
  2. Kajan

    IMG 20150904 47203

    Looks nice, nice paint job.
  3. Very nice djs, I really like your style lures
  4. Kajan

    future member!

    He did a great job, awsome.
  5. Kajan

    Weedless shiner swimbait

    Awsome design, great work. I would fish that lure.
  6. I am sure everyone will have differant opinions. What you are doing now is good, and will help you get all your designs down before moving on to what I think is extremely better, silicone. Once you have all the kinks out of your lures you designed, RTV silicone gives you some great one pc molds. These molds will give shiney lures as long as your masters are done slick. (non porous) 2 pc molds can be done with differant materials as well as RTV and come out nice. Make sure to make those fit 5/8" injectors they use now. RTV molds you make could be much much better quality than many you could buy.
  7. You can make the fluke lure with that tail and pour it. I do it all the time using Presto pot with valve. Like ones that Bear sells at www.bearsbaits.com. I make mine out of RTV. WHat you do is, slide mold under the valve and you can control your pour and make many lures fast. No cutting, and if you learn to pour, no trimming at all.
  8. Kajan

    Mold Masters

    I use mostly wood , mainly cypress, then coat with epoxy to make a hard smooth finish. Thin first coat, then full strength, but takes a few coats to get it near perfect. Bou'cou' light sanding, steel wooling, and polishing down. I use Devcon 2 ton. Don't ever use the 5 minute.
  9. I think they had one some wheres. But presto pot is the way to go, definatly if your making one pc molds, makes it a pc of cake. Just make sure you put a metal bottom on your molds allowing it to slide under the nozzels easily. This might help: http://www.tackleunderground.com/community/index.php?/topic/14203-pouring-station/?hl=kajan#entry106399
  10. Well it can be done also using presto pots, If you have everything set up, you can dump your first colour in the mold from first pot, then slide it under second pot and dump your next colour
  11. LLL is correct about dragging tail, but only if you use softer plastics, if your using say a Hard or med/hard you will be fine.
  12. Very Simular to Big Ponchos lures. http://www.tackleunderground.com/community/index.php?/gallery/member/19897-big-pancho/ I agree tail needs to be smaller, but if you go smaller not necessarily shorter.
  13. Kajan


    Nice lookin lure
  14. Yes and no, small batchs like that might look correct, but sometimes as you go larger batches it will show any measurments that were not exact. But if your recipe' was exact, it will be, meaning, if you have a large batch recipe' and you down size proportionately it will be correct. But remember if your makin a lure of a smaller size and it looks correct and you decide to make some much thicker lures, you need to adjust recipe to compensate for thickness of the bigger lure because it will look much darker, ect.
  15. well mine are all in 2.5 or 5 gal containers. When they are full you use a stir paddle on a drill. If I use it regular and some is missing out the 5 gal container, I just shake it up.
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