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  1. koop

    First Decoy

    Nice. What did you make the fins from?
  2. koop

    Baby bluegills

    1-3/8" and 1-3/4" basswood bluegills, foiled but still need some touch ups and belly spray.
  3. koop

    May Bug

    Love the wings and their casing. Looks just like the June bugs we have (except the colring).
  4. koop

    plastic tail baits

    Love the gill/plate detail and the clean, crisp foil work.
  5. koop


    They're goose biots (I think - old fly tying material I had - think they come off the leading edge of a goose quill) - usually used for nymph tails and legs. I glue them in a small groove using epoxy or superglue.
  6. koop


    Another 3" large diving beetle, foiled and hand painted to give some flash.
  7. koop

    New Frog Popper Prototype

    Love the nice fatness of it. How does it sit in the water?
  8. koop

    Foiled perch

    Look good - like the foiling with the pattern. How big are they and what kind of action do they have?
  9. koop

    Basswood minnow

    I did the scales with the backside of a linoleum block cutting tool (for making linolum block prints/artwork). It's the backside that fits into the handle - still have to be a litlle careful so it doesn't cut the foil up too much.
  10. koop

    Basswood minnow

    3" foiled basswood minnow (can't remember which minnow I originally carved the shape after).
  11. koop


    4+"basswood crappie (based more on the shape vs the paint).
  12. koop

    Bullhead jerk

    Thanks. It was hard posting after seeing your brown bullhead - I really liked yours. My next one might have actual whiskers instead of trying to carve them.
  13. koop

    Bullhead jerk

    5+ inch basswood bullhead with carved head. Originally tried to make the shape work as a swimbait, but worked better as a jerkbait. When retrieved it slowly swims head up to surface like a bullhead heading up for a gulp of air. It still needs an additional coat of epoxy (missed a few spots and I don't have a drying wheel yet), plus a better tail.
  14. koop

    Balsa Pattern

    In the past, I used to use a shape copier (a wood workworker's tool for reproducing moldings). It has a series of movable wires that move to get a fairly accurate copy of the shape. I liked to use it for copying the vertical profile of a bait and then make a layout of side view, top view, as well as cross sections at various points along the bait. The simpler methods already mentioned work well for only a side view. Kent
  15. koop

    another small bluegill

    2 3/4" foiled basswood bluegill with carved head/gills.
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