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  1. Old topic but always gets interesting. I came into the plastic world when the hand pouring was getting strong competition from injection. Currently I still do both.
  2. Evacuate your injector at least two times, also how much plastic are you heating up? when I first tried it I was using 2ounces of each color and this was not working, at least do 4 ounces, once I did these two things I was producing two color baits
  3. correction, its a MB874 at 55 bucks, its 7.4 12-20 line, Heavy.
  4. Hawgbone, if your gonna build a frog rod Mudhole's 2011 cataloge has a 7.4 Frog Rod dedicated at $47 bucks. I think its a 844 but im at work right now so can't check my cataloge. Problem is that they are not on line in the store yet, I called and Gary told me they are waiting still for the supplier. He said by the end of Januaray they should have them. may be worth to wait it out, Im gonna wait for it myself. personally, I would use alconite guides, and go micro, get my own reel seat i want, buy premade split handles, and tiger wrap it. Even play with some winding checks. The problem on hig
  5. All is well with my MHX, it ended up being about 1/2 inch that snapped off so I popped the guide tip back on and have been using it still and happy with it. I'd still buy another one.
  6. do we have a Presto Pot here? or am I missing something?
  7. mrbilky has got it, get a starter kit, has everything but a heat source which is up to you on what you wanna use there. Welcome
  8. I suggest you look thru the archives to anwer your post here, there is lots of debates on these questions you have and Im confident you will find your answers, im tellen ya lots of debates!!!!!!.
  9. Looks like you got it, they look good
  10. I made up a wooden stand for two pyrex cups, have a 1x4 going across the top with holes big enough for the tips, this way I purge the plastic back in the cups easy, and I still can pop my tips off with ease
  11. Motor oil, Black melon, JuneBug, C-Pumpkin, White & Orange swirl, and the best PINK!
  12. Usless info but, I friggen broke my tip on my MHX rod man! I got a strike, and when i set it, snapp its my MB782 MAG BASS 6.6, so im gonna need to see how i can get a return maybe??
  13. I scent up just to cover the plastic smell also and think its needed IMHO. I have not seen a catch ratio difference at all yet on strength of scent. I tried 4 drops on 5 shad/minnows versus 20 drops on another bag of shad/minnows, I actually caught two less fish on the 20 drop bag, so it was two fish caught on 4 drops verses no fish caught on 20 drops same colors I would really love to try out other scent ideas tho, something out of the box besides pork fat, maybe oil based cocoa bean, or vanilla extract or some wangy salad dressing of course it all needs to be oil based
  14. Im needing to take off the faceplait(side panel crank side) of my pflueger and it seems stuck/ Its not a high dollar one, its a 3 bearing endeavor and i took out the three screws and all the other stuff, but itwill not seperate from the top, is this a snap on plate because its a cheper one? I have no idea whats holding this plate on at the top, what ever it is its internal and i don't see anything. I know i may not get no where with this thing but will try and see. so snapped together maybe?
  15. two piece silicone mold, made 2 of them. as you can see i poured them and for now I'm using a alan wrench for the hollow filler. only thing i still have to work out is the air pockets at the top, i still get a few. I placed two vents, one on each end and it dramatically helped but still a few more tweaks
  16. hey Pike, i worked out a hollow body rtv mold on that bait im wanting(it worked!!!), im redoing a better quality mold(hopefully) and when finish i'll post a pic of it with detail of what i used, thanks again Husky, Pike and all
  17. i use a heat plate for my injectors. whats nice for injectors is you can get by with shooting them longer even when the temp lowers. i do like frank and keep my left over sprues seperate from the plastic im shooten from. only when i have clogged a tip, was from throwing sprues back into the plastic im shooting.
  18. It hasn't flowed easy for me CR, I used a putty knife for this but i believe if its a one piece mold you should be filling up the box first with silicone and then plunge the bait in. Mine went great except im convinced that the bait twisted on me when i compressed the silicone. I mixed it like Husky said, what I did was layed out the amount of silicone on a tinfoil covered 1X4, sprayed a coat of water over it and I added two drops of bait color blue, mixed it well ntill there was no white color left except blue, then i sprayed over the silicone one more time. I will stick to this process cau
  19. Husky great thread!, it deserves a bump up. I finally got a chance to try it. I talked to a few others that have did this as well and have gotten some great tips. I have a question and need a oppinion from anyone that does this stuff. So, first mold made, and I need to improve it. I did it as a whole one piece and I don't like the flat top to the bait, it is a full round bait the bait im wanting to reproduce for me and my son is 5/8 round and 3.5 inches long, very simple. Its a walk the dog style and is all plastic. it has a hook relief in it on the bottom. it also set up for eyes and its
  20. Hi Cami, Have you considered Pork Fat?
  21. No not yet, I've had my gridle up to 200 before. But, I have a bears injector You can also heat up the injectore by sucking and purging the plastic about two times, its just another way.
  22. Have you seen this yet and anyone try it yet? Specially formulated for rod builders to release and help remove the bubbles that occur when applying 2-part epoxy finish to your rods. works by releasing the surface tension of the 2-part epoxy, allowing the encapsulated bubbles to rise and burst. They say it leaves no residue, I will like to try this. here's a vid of it
  23. some may have seen my post on my color preserver free zen, well it seemed fine, no clumpy and so i used it and everything was fine, but today when i went to apply the finish, i noticed on every wrap this stuff bleed-ed off onto the rod, looks like a crappy job now, anyway to fix this, what can cut into it and clean it off the rod up to my wraps? This really sucks
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