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  1. yes, but the rumors are flying around that they are trying to sell it.
  2. bassfan.com has the story
  3. well, your living in a cave if you think it has nothing to do with liberal beliefs. few years back , a member of PETA got a big job with CHEVY. first thing they started was trying to get CHEVY out of fishing. so don't set back and say it has nothing to do with it. and thats the very problem, PETA and gun control wants sportsman to set back and be passive while they take all they can get. the reason for the declining sportsman numbers is that they are slowly taking it away. they go after regulations and access to fishing and hunting areas and sportsman are becoming to passive that they give up and let them do it. if there were no beverly hillbillies on tv when you were a kid, would you know who the clampetts are now? NO. if there is no fishing or hunting on tv the kids in the future will have no idea. kids learn from watching there parents, so when your child grows up sitting and watching KVD and BILL DANCE with you on tv, they try to be like there parents and learn about outdoors. it's there way of slowly phasing it out. and i don't care who you are, your not going to convince me there is no money in outdoors, or that there are more people who enjoy watching yard darts or billards than outdoor programming. so keep trying to defend them and that flushing sound your hearing is your rights!
  4. it has more to do with people like PETA and gun control groups than you think. this ain't all just about moving sportscenter to the morning. and ESPN has showed there liberal views alot over the years.
  5. released today espn cancelling outdoor tv, replacing with soccer and other trash. the toll free espn complaint number is 1-888-549-3776. call let them know what you think. or sit back and learn latin and eat tacos
  6. ALC609

    Lee's Lead Pot

    does anybody know if the spout on the bottom of a lee's production pot will screw off for cleaning? or whats some ideas on how to clean, mine keeps stopping up at the spout.
  7. ALC609

    Pouring Help

    well i think the colors like the pb&j color is done with highlite but i can not find how much highlite to how much plastic. with silicone molds i wait about 10 seconds.
  8. ALC609

    Pouring Help

    thanks, but i've tried the searching and it brings up everything but what i'm looking for and this site is very slow. been at this for several hours today with no luck.
  9. when pouring, how do you get the effects of say pb&j? where the main part of the bait is brown but it has a slight purple effect to the outside of the bait? and to get two colors to transition together without having a cold line, like the tail of something in chartruece but where it joins green pumpkin it looks faded? thanks
  10. Email me alc609@aol.com I'm interested
  11. anybody got a recipe for zoom cherry seed?
  12. can you microwave these?
  13. does anyone know of a pyrex or anchor type cup that is smaller than the one cup version which i have now. need something with a smaller spout, having trouble with detailed pours like craw worms.
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