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  1. Shane8stud

    Straw Method --> Airbrushing?

    Yeah nevermind to that then lol, I just bought a .2 mm fine airbrush gun, but even right out of the box i was getting a little spitting from it, I just want to be able to make tiny lines without over spray lol, any help fat fingers? Thanks man Shane
  2. Shane8stud

    Straw Method --> Airbrushing?

    I heard some guys talking about spraying through a straw awhile back, just wondering what this does? does it cut down on overspray and how do you do it? If it's good, im gonna go get a bag of straws lol, Thanks again guys, you guys are always really helpful and it's really appreciated over here !! THANKS:yay:
  3. Ok guys here's my delemma , i started out with a paasche gun, and now I have 1 Iwata, and 2 masters. The iwata and masters have a different size fitting than the paasche, how can i get the paasche to fit a hose for a iwata, or figure out a way to get the paasche hooked up to a manifold that fits all of them, it stinks that it fits different hoses. Any help so i can get em all on the iwata hoses, or anyway to hook them all up at once. Thanks
  4. Shane8stud

    Airbrush HUB ? ? ? ? ?

    I need something to hook up a few airbrushes, I've heard it called a HUB ? But Can't find em online at TCP Global or ebay, HELP ME ! LOL I'm moving and building a huge shop, and first thing is the get a sweet airbrush set up, any help would be appreciated, THANKS GUYS! Shane:tipsy:
  5. Shane8stud

    bluegill chief

    I want some of those, email me at, that is sweeet
  6. Shane8stud

    New Airbrush Gun? Suggestions?

    Time for a new airbrush gun guys ! I've looked and searched through the forum here and just can't find exactly what I'm looking for ! I need a fine brush? maybe a .20mm or .30mm tipped gun? What iwata series makes these, or any airbrush models really? I've read that iwata revolution gravity feed is a great gun, but the tip is like .5 or something, can i buy different tips? and if so, where at? I've been searching and can't come up with anything, and don't want to order something that is wrong offline. ANY HELP WOUD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED !! THANKS !!! Shane
  7. Shane8stud

    Spar Varnish ?

    Would spar varnish work for clear coating lures at all? Thanks every1 !
  8. Shane8stud

    Swimbait Bodies?

    I'm pretty good with the rainbow trout patterns, I just sold 4 to a guy that had me paint the sebile magic swimmers, Haven't done the chartreuse shad, but i'm 100% positive I can do an easy pattern like that. for the 4 Dt 10's I will paint 4 lures for you of your liking. LEt me know Thanks
  9. Shane8stud

    Swimbait Bodies?

    Do you have any rapala dt's? I'll repaint some things for you if you would like.
  10. Shane8stud

    Swimbait Bodies?

    I'm looking to buy 5 swimbait bodies unpainted. Hooks and eyes included. I just want a set for my arsenal and I would like to airbrush em myself, but don't have time to carve the wood and all. Willing to pay if anyone has 5 extras . Any kind of body will work as long as it swims right. Will pay through paypal ASAP if you have any, post pics and prices. THANKS YALL, this would really be appreciated!
  11. Shane8stud

    golden creek chub

    What kind of paint is that?createx or what and in what color? that is sweet! I have some golds, but nothing like that!
  12. Shane8stud

    Largemouth Pattern?

    Can anyone tell me the mixes of colors to get that largemouth green and the largemouth gold colors? any examples would be VERY APPRECIATED! I'm stuck any help would be a big one, Thanks
  13. Shane8stud

    Signing a Lure?!?!?!?!

    How do you guys sign your lures? no way you can airbrush that small huh? I'm just trying to sign my name in some wild looking cursive, any help would be much appreciated, thanks all!
  14. Shane8stud


    Would it be illegal to repaint say a Rapala Dt -1 0 and sell it? say on ebay or a web site? Thanks, Just Curious
  15. Shane8stud

    Swimbait Problems?

    Ok i know someone can help me on this. I've searched the forums both wide and deep. I only custom paint lures, my dad kind of got interested in making swimbaits today, he was just wondering on how to make the double eye hooks. The screw with the closed hook on it, to have both sides screws, but be closed and connected in the middle. I hope yall understand what i'm saying. Just wondering the best way to make these, thanks again and you all have a wonderful day!