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  1. Aight... so I have filed for sales tax in Mississippi, I have my EIN, and I have filled out the form 637 and I am fixing to send it in.. is that all I need?
  2. Where do you guys get wholesale fly hooks from? Just wondering who has the best deals. Is there a place like shortys for fly hooks? I use alot of dia-riki, tiemco, and mustad hooks, mainly saltwater. Any info is appreciated! Thanks
  3. Thats what I thought... I am in Mississippi, and believe it is the same here.
  4. I am thinking about opening a business selling flies, and tying supplies, and I went and talked to my tax guy, and he told me that I would need to charge sales tax, no matter where the buyer lived. I was under the assumption that sales tax was only charged if the buyer lived in your state. Normally that is the advantage of buying through the mail, because you do not have to pay tax. What am I actually supposed to do here. Still just trying to get information, so fill me in please. Thanks,
  5. hold them with a toothpick in the line hole. And paint. Also can use a small piece of wire to clean out the hole on the other end before it cools.
  6. BLT.. Good point.. that would be the Flat Rate Boxes.. Make sure they are flat rate. You can ship up to 70# in those boxes. I know, because you can order 50# of lead off of ebay, and they build a plywood box to go inside the cardboard box, and then fill it full of lead. Pretty cheap.. like 10-12 bucks to ship. Wonder what the post office thinks when they get a 50# box of lead and ship it for 10 bucks!!
  7. I usually charge a flat shipping rate unless a set dollar amount is ordered. If they meet that, then free shipping. That not only makes it easy, but makes them want to order more to get the free shipping.
  8. While we are on this subject, what is the best method of cleaning the pot? Also do you use another pot to clean/flux your lead in before you put it in the bottom pour? Where do you all get your lead from?
  9. That is correct you do not have to pay sales tax on the items you buy weather to sell straight out, or use in your business. It could be soap for the bathroom, or blades for spinners. As long as they are sitting on the shelf, and have never been used or sold, you do not pay taxes. If you pull it down, and make a spinner out of it, you pay use tax. If you sell it just the way it is, you pay sales tax. If you use it to make something, and then sell the final product, you pay both. If you use the soap, you pay use tax as well. I am almost 100 percent sure this is correct. Let us know if its not. I am sure it is more complicated than that when you get down to the nitty gritty, but that is the just of it.
  10. I am not 100 percent sure about this, because I am in the process of starting something myself. If you are buying stuff and paying tax, you shouldn't be.. if you have a business. You buy tax exempt, and if you "use" it, you pay a use tax on it. If you sell it, you pay a "sales" tax on it. If you use it and sell it, you pay both. Also on the ebay deal, I sell stuff on ebay as well, after you sell something small, and pay ebay listing and then if it sells pay the selling fees, and then if someone pays with paypal, pay the paypal fees, there is not much profit left, if any. But it is GREAT advertising. Most people that I have sold flies to in the past, have emailed me later, and wanted more when those ran out. Then I just sell them straight out, and do not have to pay those ebay fees.
  11. I need some clear crappie tubes. Anyone up for the task send me a pm with a price. Thanks, KEVIN
  12. Collins Customs worm weight mold has the concave bottom.
  13. ibock99

    Erie Rig Mold

    Hey Stratos, Where did you find the mold? I could not find them for sale anywhere. Got mine off ebay.
  14. ibock99

    Erie Rig Mold

    Here is the ebay picture. I have not recieved the mold yet.
  15. ibock99

    Erie Rig Mold

    I just bought a Do-it Erie rig mold off ebay, not to be confused with the Erie jig. This mold actually uses a wire, so you can add beads or spinners behind the lead head, and then put a hook on the back. I got it just because I have not been able to find another one anywhere online, and I am going to add them to my website. Has anyone done any of these, and could you recomend some colors. I live in S. Mississippi, and have never used this type of set up. When I used to fish Walleye in MN, we used to use a lot of Chartreuse and White. Any other colors? Maybe pics of some of these type rigs? Thanks, KEVIN
  16. I was wanting to copy a soft plastic minnow made by loves lures, with the intention of selling them. They no longer make one that we use, and I planned to have Collins Customs make a mold that is 1/8" longer than the original. Would there be any copyright infriging, if it did not fit in the original Loves Lure mold? Don't want to get in trouble here, so figured I would ask. Thanks, Ibock
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