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  1. dochollow

    Fly Tester

    I have been kicking around the idea of using an old 10 gallon aquarium I have laying around. the only other things you would need would be a piece of clear acrylic tubing & a small power head. DOC.
  2. dochollow

    Warning Points?

    what are warning points & why do I not have any?
  3. dochollow

    Retempering Hooks

    mark, I have no expierence heat treating hooks, but I am a 30 year tool & die maker & have knowledge of heat treating tool steels. to be able to reheat treat a hook you would have to know exactly what kind steel it is made of, then look up the parameters for heat treating said steel. I don't think the average person has the equipment (heat treating oven) to do this as it should be done. some tool steels require a temperature of 1800 deg.
  4. i also have some old favorite rods that are showing their age, would like to refinish them this winter. please keep us posted as to how this works for you. thanx DOC.
  5. dochollow

    How To Get The Black Scale Pattern?

    Gene, what spray adhesive are you using? thanx, DOC
  6. dochollow

    How I Made A Wire Bender For Me

    i made me one, thanks ED, DOC
  7. dochollow

    Air Brushed Popper Bodies

    do any of you air brush your popper bodies? i have a request to make some . just wondering what your procedure is. do you seal them, what do you use as a filler, base coat? do you use devcon 2 ton for a topcoat or something else? thanx, DOC
  8. dochollow

    Red Hooks

    do any of you use red hooks? my personal expierience they have not shown me much. i catch more fish on black hooks. i am going to give up on them. what is your expierience?
  9. dochollow

    Is It Talent Or Can It Be Learned Or Both

    being a beginner at this my self, before i would attempt to paint a bait you would need to master to some extent the air brush itself. sit down with your airbrush, some paint, & some coloring books. teach yourself what you & your airbrush are capable of. learn to take your brush apart & reassemble for cleaning. once you are comfortable with your brush you can move on to lures with some measure of confidence. good luck, DOC.
  10. dochollow

    Broken Screw Eyes

    does anyone else have trouble with screws snapping when being installed i am useing a .042 dia. drill with a .057 dia. screw with super glue i am pretty shure i am getting the screw in before the glue sets up. do you use a lube? thanx, doc
  11. dochollow

    Bill Depth?

    gentlemen, good evening. has much as i have read about lure making, i am a bit confused as to how deep i should make my bill slot, {homemade bills}. the factory standard seems to be @ 7/16 to 1/2" on dt @ poes type baits. what formula. voodoo. or black magic do you use? thanx, DOC
  12. dochollow

    1st Try At Carving

    made #2 today & moved the line tie up @ 3/16" lo & behold WOBBLE not exactly what i want, but a great improvement.
  13. dochollow

    1st Try At Carving

    thanx RG, just what i was looking for
  14. dochollow

    1st Try At Carving

    well i have gotten my painting skills to the point i am comfortable. i took the plunge & tried my hand at carving a dt6 . just useing matls. on hand,{pine, .115 lexan, split shot} it floats & dives [3 1/4" split shot for ballast] great,just does not have the wobble i was looking for i have been reading the archives untill im . my question is in order of importance what has the most effect on wobble ? i made my bill @ 1/8" larger than the production bill , thinking more bill = more wobble . how many did you scrap before you got your first ?
  15. dochollow

    Crank Bait Lengths

    how are crank blanks measured? overall length including bill? or just body length? getting ready to buy some and became confused after looking at several sites. thanx DOC.