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  1. parker085

    Mold for Trade

    I went through my molds the other day and found a bunch I don't use anymore. I'm looking to trade for some new molds that I'm interested in. PM if you want to work out a trade for something on the list or if you want to sell something on my "want" list. Here is what I have for trade: Do-It - 3.5" Swim Shad (3 Cavity) Do-It - 3.75" DD Gill Do-It - 3.75" Mud Bug, I have 2 of these Kmolds - 4” Handpour Tube Mold - TBS4-4 Kmolds - 3 1/2 " Pitch Craw 2-Sided Aluminum Mold 2 Cav., I have 3 of these Del - 5.25” Paddletail Stik Mold, 7 Cavity Del - 3” St
  2. Before I go buy a 721 craw I wanted to see if anyone had one they didn't use much and wanted to trade or sell. For trade I have a Del - 7 cav 5" paddle tail stick mold, 2- CC 3.75" Mud Bugs, CC -4.25" Flippin' Hog, and 3.5" Swim Shad
  3. parker085

    DS Minnows

    Here are some drop shot minnows I put together. The colors are Fathead, Silver Shiner, and Emerald Shiner
  4. I'm looking for a few basstackle molds and wanted to see if anyone had one for sale or trade before I order new ones. 5.25" Jerkbait (injection with broken back) http://www.basstackle.com/product_p/622-1-6.htm 152 Drop Shot Worm http://www.basstackle.com/152_Drop_Shot_Worm_p/152-1-6.htm Message or email me if you have one of these molds that would sell or trade. Thanks Jon
  5. I have some molds I haven't used in a while so I'm looking to sell or trade them. Kmolds 3 1/2" Craw - $55 http://www.kmolds.com/index.cfm?carttoken=C18QOX2101813090053&action=ViewDetails&ItemID=538667&Category=1942 Kmolds 4" straight tube $50 http://www.kmolds.com/index.cfm?carttoken=C18QOX2101813090053&action=ViewDetails&ItemID=538665&Category=9 Del-Mart 3 1/4" Stik Bait 7 cavity Mold $65 http://www.del-mart.com/shop/product.php?productid=16141&cat=256&page=1 Del-Mart 5 1/4" 4 cavity Paddle Stik Mold $5
  6. I wanted to see if anyone had a bass tackle 716 Tiny craw and/or a 2" twin tail grub mold they could make me some baits with. I'm looking for a few dozen of each in green pumpkin and pumpkin seed. Please give me a price and I can send you money via paypal. Thanks Jon
  7. I have both hand pour and injection models of the bite me craws from Basstackle. The hand pour craw is nice and has some OK action but if you're looking for a lot of craw actions then injection craw is the one the one you are looking for. I know you said you were looking to pour some baits so you might not be looking to get an injector but I really like my bite me injection craw. Basstackle has a video of the action of the injection craw on the site if you want to see how it moves.
  8. I'll take it. Email me your PayPal info. Parker085@gmail.com
  9. I have a bunch of Del-mart DropShot molds and I really like them. They will last forever and you get a really nice finished product. My favorites are straight tail models, like the the 4" DropShot Worm (SKU: SKU16163). He has them in all shapes and sizes so I'm sure you will find what your looking for there.
  10. I will take the BassTackle 3.75" Split Tail. PM me your PayPal and I'll send you the money. Thanks
  11. When I first started pour sticks i was having the same issues with not knowing if i was putting enough salt and softener in, so i know where you are coming from. After lots of testing i went back to what everyone says in the standard stick formula, (1, 1/2, 1/4). I found using 1/2 cup of LC 502, 1/4 cup of salt (blended but not all the way to floured form), and 1/8 softener (cut softener in half if using Super Soft plastic) is what looked best in the tank as well as what the fish really liked. So personally i think you need to double your salt and leave everything else the same. So it would
  12. Thanks Fatman I know those old Erie Dearie style molds are really expensive and i don't use a ton of them so paying too much for the mold isn't worth it. I found a few of the new DO IT Weight Forward Spinners molds more reasonable but still not sure i would make enough of them to make it worth it. Your comment reminded me to come post on here that I found a guy last night who will pour me some so i should have some heads coming soon. Thanks Jon
  13. I wanted to see if anyone could pour me some Weight Forward Spinners in 3/8 and 5/8. I would be interested in 25 of each size. All I want is the heads poured. I will paint and add the rest of components myself. If you can help me out, please let me know what style of weigh forward mold you have and a price. Thanks Jon
  14. parker085

    Tiger's Blood Final Color

    Nice work, Very Cool Color.
  15. [font="Arial"]I won this lowrance elite 5x last weekend in drawing. I just put Hummingbird SI units on the boat lastyear so I'm looking to sell this unit. These sell for $450 at Cabela and BassPro so Before I put it on eBay I wanted to lower the price to $300 + shipping. Here are the details on the unit [url="http://www.lowrance.us/Products/Marine/Mark-Elite-Series/Elite-5X/"]http://www.lowrance....eries/Elite-5X/[/url],[/font][color="black"][font="Arial"] it [/font][/color][color="black"][font="Arial"]has somenice fea
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