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  1. I have had similar problems with epoxy doing other things , humidity and conteracting with the paint . Just some problems I have had.
  2. How would I get started reproducing a crankbait or make a mold ?
  3. Guys , I appreciate all the suggestions and have decided to go with 1/16 - 1/8 oz SB - "Slab Stalker" and 1/4 > 1/2oz- "Hawg Stalker." Thanks again guys David
  4. Remove the palm side , remove spool and see if there is a screw hiding under spool in frame.
  5. TF, I make the 1/8th oz. BB with 2 counter rotating blades. Right now the Bream & Crappie bite in on and no one wants buzz baits. I appreciate all the input on the names. Thanks again David
  6. thanks Guys you helped out alot. David
  7. I have been pouring my own lil' 1/16 oz spinnerbait .I've been trying to come up with a name for the bait, to no avail. I started these for bluegill & crappie and they are good little lures. Can't keep any because all the locals are wanting them, so I thought I'd get serious about a name. Thanks Any suggestions helpful. David
  8. George You will be able to find any part you need for the 5000 at any repair shop that repairs Garcia's , the late model 5000's haven't changed much from the 70's model. Good Luck David
  9. I have used the spray tubes for aerisol cans, cut to any length you want with a razor blade. I have gotten some from different supply houses that sell spray cleaners, and or lubes that were left in the cases . Just a suggestion .
  10. About 8 or 9 years ago, a fellow in Florida came out with the Millenium Twist hook system. It was a Eagle claw hook attached to a swivel with a worm weight that was drilled out bigger so it would slide over the knot onto the swivel . They stopped the line twist you got fishing plastics. Since then I think I saw the same advertised by a tackle company based in Texas but can't remember the varibles.
  11. As for as I know its still holding up. I let the welding instructor from my old job take it and experiment with it . I had to grind a little off in order for it to fit in the rod but I have not been contacted about replacing the frame for my buddy.I assume he's still using it.
  12. Is this frame black or chrome ? If its chrome ,I've have had one silver soldered. But Let me know because I might have a used frame laying around in my shop.
  13. I appreciate all of your experteze. I looked @ some of the larger clevices I have and they are all the same, but the one's I'm using at the present build , 1/16 & 1/8 oz SB's , One side is longer, and they are not folded . Thank ya'll. David
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