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  1. Musky Mints 4 inch crankbait

    very very nice work love the color mix and the eyes are great:flame:
  2. Crackleback

    :yay:hi i have been trying this to on the old crackle paint patterns i am trying and reading everything try one coat acrylic paint one coat enamel paint dry hot an fast it worked if i am able to get it right i will post it goodluck
  3. Bubble Float Lures?????????

    wow thats really cool keep thinking out side the big boxx
  4. 2nd attempt at longear

    nice work i love the colors nice scales
  5. Bagley's Replica - Craw Pattern

    :yay:very nice color good looking lure great craftmanship:worship:
  6. Roach Jerkbaits

    :popcorn:wow man looks like live bait and you dont have to feed it ? time to make a hole school and take them for swimming lessons:drool: nice work:lockit:
  7. Hybrid Jerk/Crank

    :popcorn:wery nice lure great job:yay:
  8. a better picture

  9. Fall Largemouth

    nice fish my mom would put one in the freezer one in the frying pan & rice & cornbread & sweet tea HO YEAH
  10. ugliest prize

    wow i am not getting that hook out no way
  11. Lady Bluegills

    wow if i did that my wife would have me painting her hi heels for her and all her girl friends hide
  12. Chrome airbrush paint

    :oooh:ok i use silver or chrome glitter its some work but if you do it right its better than foil on shine i have 20 lures + that i have made over 2years that i am going to post next mo/ P.S try great looking glitter the best you can find good luck:?
  13. 3" Black Snake

    very cool looking great colors
  14. Red Black Mylar

    man i love this lure springtime on largemouth bass shallow water on the grass flats i can hear GET THE NET all ready I WANT TOO $15.00 ea did you say/// VERY NICE WORK
  15. Gold Toad

    looks great did you use a pre-mixed liquid mask to make the patches before you laydown the scales????