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  1. Ken 6645

    Starting Over Building Home Made Crank Baits

    benton B I'm searching for wood crank baits copies...Seems like there are several suppliers tha have plastic cb's but i prefer wood... if you know of one give me a shout....thanks for your time ken blevins chantil@roadrunner.comnnnnmfsab yielooo
  2. after cutting off half of my middle finger and cutting up two other fingers really bad, i have decided i would it might be better off if I bought my blanks precut ....Looking for all types of crank baits made of wood [ pine-ceder- red wood -bass wood ] or plastic maybe but I prefer wood baits ... any help ??????? Ken Blevins chantil@roadrunner.cotmnmnmnmnmn
  3. Ken 6645

    Lathe Duplicator

    Hi Salty's ...the page that I was on did in fact have 5 reviews and all of them were less than good...I was about to order one and the reviews pushed me away from it...I was looking at the Vega for a mini lathe and am glad you replied.. I will consider one ... Thank you for your time Ken 6645
  4. Ken 6645

    Lathe Duplicator

    Hi again Does anyone know of someone on the net that makes and sells or gives away the plan for a home DIY lathe duplicator ...I though about the " Vega "duplicator but all the reviews were bad....i've seen several that look like they might work but no info on plans ...But some do work... Thanks for your time Ken 6645 '
  5. Ken 6645

    Fishing Lure Duplicator

    Do any of you wooden lure builder's with a home made duplicator, have any builder plans available that will produce a 3-D image of the lure i'm trying to copy???? I don't believe I've got the talent to build one [duplicator] from scratch ...I just don't have the insight to do it ..Hope some one can help ........... Thanks for your time Ken
  6. Ken 6645

    Been Messing Around In The Garage Today

    Interesting ideas for your jig baits..I can see all of the baits you made working just like you intended...Wish it was warmer outside ..I just got a glimmer of fishing fever and its only December ... nice ideas the extra holder or bait keeper Ken
  7. Ken 6645

    Glitter Stripe On Plastic Lures

    have any of you tried the foil tape that heat & a/c repairman use
  8. Ken 6645

    Type Of Devcon 2 Ton...

    I picked up some Hobby Lobby 4 oz bottles, 2- part epoxy glue for 5.00 that worked just great for me...twice the clear coat for half the money..and no yellow that i can tell hope this helps Ken 6645
  9. Ken 6645

    Anybody Know How This Holograph Application Is Done?

    Thanks a lot for the quick reply Ken
  10. Ken 6645

    Anybody Know How This Holograph Application Is Done?

    On a clear sunny day the baits look like they would entice a bass from cover ..Id like to have a couple to play with..Where did you buy these from ? Ken
  11. Why can't I view content on site?

  12. Ken 6645

    Wood/ Crank Baits

    Has anyone ever tried treated wood posts ... cleaning out my garage I found several different types of wood, one was regular pine , the other was treated pine and two were redwood....I also found a thick slab of yellow popular or yellow pine[12in by 24] Are any of these woods really a good wood to build with Thanks Ken
  13. Ken 6645

    Help--which Wire Bender To Buy

    Hello forum I'm getting ready to teach myself how to make spinner baits from beginning to finished bait...I've got just about any tool that I might need..I tried needle nose pliers but was disappointed with the final product ...SO I think i'm going to invest in a wire forming tool. I would really like a Worth Bender but can't afford it [800.00+] .so I'm looking for something a little cheaper by about 700.00... I wanted to know if any of you have any experience with the Twistech former or Boggs or any other bender for that matter..I guess i might be able to make one but I don't care much much for the trail and error part of making one .... thanks a lot for your time Ken
  14. Ken 6645

    Wire Benders

    Hey guys , thanks for the rapid response"s .I guess my post was a little vague . I have decided to go with the Boggs bender. I plan on building all sorts of wire baits , spinners and in line spinners etc .... Where do most of you buy your wire in spools?? TIA Ken
  15. Ken 6645

    Wire Benders

    If someone on this forum was in the market for a wire bait bender ,what brand would you buy? Would you buy wire that was already bent,instead of a bender? Is a bender even needed? thanks for your time Ken