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  1. Trout.jpg

    heres a fish that was caught on one of Diemai's spoon this morning, he weighs in at a total of 6lbs and is 23 inches long. Caught him while the lake was still partly frozen, not much of a fight but a personal best for me. Thanks Diemai!
  2. Trout.jpg

  3. Short Fat Square Billed Paulownia cranks

    id hit that... if i was a fish
  4. "Maggots"-first PVC crankbaits

    Those look great Dieter! I wouldnt mind tossing those around the docks once spring comes in!
  5. 18 Years Old Painting Baits And Lost Plz Help!

    Best clear coats that i have discovered are just plain old devcon 2 ton. Its easy to use and it comes out looking great! I also like to use crystal sheen.... its the same as e-tex. Only draw back to using the crystal sheen is that you have to get the amounts of the A and B just right or you get a fouled clear and ruin the bait. Goodluck, Jacob
  6. side_view1.JPG

    I used a CAD program called autodesk inventor. So i would first draw the outline of the lure that i wanted to make, then add work planes at every 1/16th of an inch of the outline and trim to the size of the lure. Then i would draw an ellipse on each work plane and loft them all together.
  7. side_view1.JPG

    thats odd... couldnt find the area to add the description. Well i havent posted here in a while, i have mainly been working on the computer making lures and finally figured out how to do it. Doesnt take to much work but it took me a long time to figure out how to do it haha thanks for looking, Jacob
  8. top_view1.JPG

  9. New Stuff

    Now this is breath taking!
  10. printed some more lures!

  11. printed some more lures!

  12. printed some more lures!

  13. printed some more lures!