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  1. bass01

    Aberdeen hooks

    hooks are gone
  2. bass01

    Aberdeen hooks

    Who needs some light wire hooks I have a bunch of 2/0 , 1/0 and 4 and maybe 6 . Eagle claw and mustad Message me if your interested.
  3. I was mostly looking for a 60 degree but would modify mold if there's a flat eye out there it just seemed to me that some finesse jigs had a hook that was a shorter shank with a wide gap but maybe its just a smaller size I just used the bitsy bug as an example. I just like to throw a jig that's a little more compact in the places I fish that has both Sm and Lg . I will look those up Thank you for your help
  4. Does anybody make a wide gap short shank heavy wire bass jig hook for a finesse type jig or are they all custom made ? something like bitsy bug or a few other manufacturers size with type, hook etc. I have tried searching and haven't come up with anything Thanks
  5. Thanks Guys I have done them before but I didn't get any powder with the new ones.
  6. Does anybody know if the powder to keep the molds separated when vulcanizing is just Talcum Baby Powder ? I thought I had heard that? Thanks for the help
  7. I haven't had that problem yet but I dip the bait in Future/Pledge and let dry an hour or two before I use AC1315
  8. There is a link to purchase the product and have it shipped a couple pages back,no mixing needed and the same health concerns as with all concrete sealers, well vented at the very least
  9. Carver GLX Thanks for the in depth report on the baits !!!!
  10. I just looked online for the logo and photoshop to size and printed on my own decal paper
  11. A LOT OF US ARE..!!!!!!
  12. The age old question I have gotten different answers from a lot of Wart followers but most say its the lead weight and the bill whether it be from miss alignment or the cup as stated above but it is a true cult following that no matter what it will never catch fish like the old ones Good Luck
  13. bass01


    I would think it will yellow over time as I know the oil based does on floors.
  14. plus 1 on following Jim's procedure on weight get a scale as I found out even similar painted baits can weigh a little different from how much paints on them I just switch out a different hook or split ring.
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