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  1. Saugerman

    Foil Scales

    I love the video. I have used the scallop shears to cut the foil tape before,but you get a much better looking bait than I have up till now. I like the way you wiped the black off with rubbing alcohol to get the depth of the scales. I will give that a try. Thanks for posting the video, very informative.
  2. Saugerman

    Where does everyone get their blanks from?

    I have always been satisfied with my blanks from Dinger, and Preadator , both. They seem to have good quality baits.
  3. Saugerman

    wrap for stripes on bluegill baits

    Hunter 88, first , welcome to the forum, and secondly, that's a great looking bait you painted. Wish my bluegill looked as nice.
  4. Saugerman

    Merry Christmas & New Years

    Merry Christmas from Kentucky.
  5. Saugerman

    Having trouble with stencils for crankbaits

    If you keep having that problem, shoot some of the createx clear over the base coat. It dries fast , then use your stencil.
  6. Saugerman

    Deps slide swimmer clearcoat

    Interesting, Thanks for sharing AZ Fisher.
  7. Saugerman

    Finally putting down the rattle can

    TrashManSam, welcome to the forum. Yes there is a lot of information here on TU, about airbrushing. But like you have probably already heard several times, there is nothing better than time spent with the air brush in your hand. Sure you will make a few mistakes, but we all do. Even after years of air brushing , you will still make a few. The best thing you can do is learn to keep it clean. A clean air brush is a pleasure to use, and a dirty one will test your patience. If you run in to something you can't figure out, be sure to ask, as most any one on the forum, is always glad to help. Look forward to seeing some of your work.
  8. Saugerman

    Glitter/Recipes questions

    JigsGalore, Yes you can buy Dead on Plastix in a 5 gallon bucket. I was using the Baitjunckys's plastic , before trying the Dead On, and they have a very good plastic. The one thing that I really like about Dead On's is you can reheat it over and over again and it just doesn't fade, or yellow. The colors keep their brightness, without the use of stabilizer. Iv'e always added stabilizer to any reheat on other plastics, but still after a few times, the color begins to fade. It does not bubble bad, you might get a few with very high heat, but they go away pretty fast. Just my take on it.
  9. Saugerman

    Acrylic Stone

    I agree with DaveMC1, I believe I can make more baits, in less time, and make a better looking bait , using the cnc injection molds. Just by watching what all there is to getting the centrifugal molds ready, seems very time consuming.
  10. Saugerman

    Glitter/Recipes questions

    The Dead ON Plastix takes reheats better than any plastic I have ever used. I have used several, but not all brands out there. You can make a mistake and let it get to 370 degrees, and it still hasn't ever burned, or yellowed. I am sold, it is the only plastic I will use from now on. I have no ties with them in any way. I'm just telling my opinion about there plastic. I have not used any of there other products. Mine has set for months, due to illness, and it will separate , but after stirring it seems just fine. Just my 2 cents.
  11. Saugerman

    A shout out to Midwest Airbrush Supply

    Sounds like good people to deal with, I'll keep that in mind. Your right, so many times we only hear about , bad customer service. It's refreshing to hear about someone trying to run there business right.
  12. Saugerman

    Berkley powerbait worms

    Why don't you make an injection pop mold? Like Roger Linnell did?
  13. Saugerman

    Heat Exchanger

    Iron Bass, thanks for sharing that video. I really enjoyed watching it. I always wondered how the big companies made there baits.
  14. Saugerman

    First Lot and ? about shooting pearlized

    Welcome to the forum, Desertbird, Great job on the cranks, look like you've been doing it all your life.