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  1. Thanks for the link, Smalljaw, Iv'e been wantinh to order some dyed feathers, myself.
  2. Looks a little like a speed crawl.
  3. I too, tried all the formulas to make my own reducer. But finally went with the 4012 reducer, and the paint flows soo much better. A little goes a long way. Seems to be worth the money.
  4. As I said in my above post, I have never had any problems with the Dead ON Plastix. I love the way you just don't get yellowing, no matter how many reheats I do. But I must say, I am still using the plastic that I bought, before the first of the year, . So I can't comment on the new formula. I love the old formula, it is the easiest plastic to work with I have tried, and I have tried alot of the other brands. It looks like I may have to buy my next plastic from Bait Plastics, if the new formula has changed, and leaves the baits sticky.
  5. Iv'e been using it for quiet some time, and never had any problems with it. Sounds like you didn't get it mixed up good.
  6. Saugerman


    They are legit. Don't know about there site being infected. I have ordered from them before, with no problem
  7. After having a bout with cancer , in 2017, I was recently diagnosed with 4th stage non hodkens lymphoma . In 2017 I had several people praying for me then, and I could feel their presence . I will be going to MD Andersons in Houston Texas on the first of the week, to see if there is any treatment they can come up with for me. If you are a praying person, I sure would appreciate your help. Thanks
  8. Saugerman

    under spins

    Smalljaw, my underspin is a modified ultra minnow mold also. I like the way the blade is close to the body too. When I first got the mold that was what I bought it for. It was super easy to convert. I have caught some nice bass on that bait. It's about the only bait my son-in law fishes. He uses a paddle tail swimbait on the back. I bought the do-it version of the underspin, but I don't like it nearly as well as the ultra minnow modified.
  9. X'2 What Flippinstick Mike said.
  10. Z, Please tell David that Saugerman , has been asking about him too. I will keep him in my prayers.
  11. I really like the Dead On Plastix. I like how it doesn't yellow, and reheats without changing shades. It will hard pack, but most does, if not used often enough. Also very little smell.
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