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  1. Bohica

    Which Iwata Brush

    Thanks guys, I can always count on TU members for great advise. Bohica
  2. Bohica

    Which Iwata Brush

    I'm ready to buy a new Iwata air brush, money burning a hole in my pocket. My question is which one to buy? Ecpilse HP-CS or the Revolution BR? I currently use a Paasche and will continue to utilize it for coating, I am looking at the Iwata brushes to assist in detailing. Bohica
  3. Bohica

    Tail Dragger Top Water

    Thanks Mark, I appreciate the info and the fact you always take the time to rely and advise. Bohica
  4. Bohica

    Swim Bait Tail Fins

    Thanks guys, appreciate the info, looks like I'll try the Lexan route. Bohica
  5. Bohica

    Tail Dragger Top Water

    Does anyone make a tail dragger top water bait, i.e. skook type. I have a buddy wanting me to make him one, I don't remember ever seeing one! Bohica
  6. Bohica

    Swim Bait Tail Fins

    What material is being used to make tail fins on swim baits?
  7. Bohica

    Painting Lines

    I use a cheap comb as a stencil. Large variety at any Dollar type store, approx .99 each, different sizes and teeth sizes.
  8. Bohica

    Crashed Hard Drive

    RG, I hate that at present, no one has been able to assist you as you always offer so much advise on the boards. I'm just not a computer guy. Bohica
  9. Bohica

    Createx Reg Vs. Auto Air

    Where in Ohio Jared?
  10. Bohica

    Hello From Ohio

    I'm in the Dayton area.
  11. Bohica

    Band Saw

    I have read on many posts, folks wanting a band saw but cannot afford one. Lowe's has a table top model that sells for $114.00. I recently shopped Craigslist for a used one and found one listed for $50.00. It was almost new as the ower had purchased it for one project, to cut out styrofoan letters. I got it for $46.00 and I am extremely please with it>
  12. Bohica

    My Pet Peeve

    I can sure understand and appreciate everyones frustration. I started my bait making craft just a few short years ago, I'm a little older (57) than some, thus have a great deal of patience. I do not post or ask questions very often. I realized very early on, by just reading posts, applying that info in practical application, I get years and years of your experience without having to go through the trail and errors you "pros" have had to. I agree we see tha same questions asked time and time again, yet one only has to utilize the search feature to obtain this info. I cannot tell you how much I've learned and developed my skills just by reading your posts. You guys are top shelf!! I know some times a Thank You would be nice, but beyond that I want you to know how much your contributions have helped me, without you even knowing it, as again I mostly just read the posts. Please don't withdraw sharing advise of your hard earned skills, I means the world to guys like me. I read them every single day. Thanks for being the mentors of us dummies! I am very thanksful for finding TU and YOU!! Bill
  13. Bohica

    Removing Paint From Plugs

    Steve good info, good stuff! Would like to buy a few of them from you.
  14. Bohica

    Predator Bass Baits Square Bill Lure

    I plugged the hole with a short piece of wooden dowel, painted it then top coated it with d2t, then removed the dowel while still wet. Guess what? Some of the d2t did get into the threads and I now I cannot screw in the hook hanger. Hard lesson learned!
  15. Bohica

    Etex Over D2t

    I did just that this past weekend. It seems to be okay, yet I have not used the lures yet to be in the position to comment on the durability.