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  1. thanks for the help everyone
  2. anyone ever duplicate an rtv mold? i have one i need to make about 4 more copies out of!
  3. you need a light dimer for that burner! but a hotplate is much easier to control the temperature
  4. i want to copy a bait! i'm just trying to find the best way to suspend it when making a 2 part pop mold. any help would be appreciated
  5. post a picture of the bait color
  6. I'm looking for some clear glitter that suspends! I will take any size but would like something around the .40 size. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance.
  7. Does anyone know were to get this https://fishingskirts.com/old-school-square-rubber-tabs/ in a 1 pound roll
  8. have you used this product from that company? is it heat resistant?
  9. thanks everyone! i'm still looking haven't found anything that size.
  10. anyone no were i can get .125 size red glitter
  11. i haven't used them or even open them because im looking for the safest way to handle them
  12. i was trying to mix them in something in an attempt to make them easier to handle
  13. has anyone mixed there micro balloons with worm oil? i was thinking about buying some an mixing them 1 to 1 ratio for safer easier use. im looking to make high float claws
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