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  1. im assuming the wire i got from janns was what i needed i do know it is very small diameter.it is the stuff they recommended.id like to find one of those boards your talking about kimball920 sounds awesome.
  2. vodkaman i like the idea of heating it from behind,haven't tried that yet. I think that with some flux,this is the way to go.Also i am using a small butane torch i bought from janns.I will let you know after i try this how it goes.thanks for the idea.
  3. yeah i knew what you meant i was using the lead wire that janns sells specifically for soldering ice jigs maybe ill try adding some flux to it and see if that helps. thanks for the input paul
  4. i just cant get it to work i bought all my stuff from janns including the wire,blades,hooks,torch.the lead just balls up and wont stick? am i missing a step hear ive sweated cooper plumbing joints hundreds of times why cant i get this to work:pissed: please help thanks paul
  5. i dont think you can touch a cnc 4 axis machine,price wise anyway.They are extremely pricy. I think your best bet is to look for a lathe like redg8r said.you can find them where you can load in a long piece of round stock in and set up a program and cut a bait complete in seconds.ive run a cnc lathe cutting aluminum parts its amazing how fast they are.the only draw back to a lathe is that all the lures you make will have to be round.Like a plug or zara spook hope this helps
  6. holy crap that thing is awesome. kinda makes me hungry for some lobster:lol:
  7. jann's netcraft has a good selection of eyes 4 color and size combinations thats where i got my last batch of eyes and im happy with them.
  8. you wanna talk snow belts i live in oswego n.y. 20 miles north of syracuse, we average hundreds of inches of snow and "TUG HILL" is only a 40 min. ride from me and their in the record books for snow fall.just a couple year back we got 6 feet in 36 hours.Personaly i like the snow keeps things interesting.Just sucks when you get that much because it kills the ice fishing for the year.
  9. paulsvolks75

    Sexy and Purple

    yep i agree especially like the purple:yay:
  10. wow thats an awesome price, but i don't have a store near me i do get their catalog i will have to go through it and see if they have them in their thanks.
  11. paulsvolks75


    thanks guys,yeah i guess their are lots of things you can use to get that effect.I just happened across this stuff when i was at the store buying material for my scales.
  12. THANKS i went to dick blick's web sight they have the handles for $1.65 each.ive been doing exactly what you described with the dowel and clip but wasn't happy with how well it held the lure.Thanks again
  13. ive seen some pics in the gallery of a tool that some people are using to hold their lures during the painting process but not sure what it is.It looks like an Exacto knife?? im using small alligator clips but would like to find something that holds better than that.Was thinking fly tying vice but really want to set up 4-6 lures at a time. Any help would be great thanks again. paul
  14. im sure you could use the paint that automotive guys use to paint bumper covers,i think their is an additive you can add to paint to make pliable . just throwing in my:twocents:
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