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  1. Great info, guys. A little off topic, but what would you recomend for a coating on metal spoon blanks that are Createx painted? I've tried the "old" DN and it was great...but I'm still looking for a dip that is much easier to store and is worm proof and doesn't peel off. I've also tried a auto lacquer clear coat...not very durable and worm proof.
  2. I'm thinking of trying to turn some salmon/trolling plugs out of plastic rod on a lathe. My question is what type of plastic rod would some of you guys recomend? I would like to use something that has durability and boyancy of cedar/wood. Is pvc rod a good choice, or should I go with something else? I'm sure I'm not the first one to think of using some sort of plastic material for turning plugs. Yea, I know I could just buy premade plugs, but it is so much fun making them and painting them! Any thoughts?? Thanks, guys!
  3. Hey guys, I was wondering what some of you might use (tool wise) or tech. to make the "dished" out shape on a wooden plug lure like a J Plug. I've tried a small sanding drum in a drill press after cutting a 45 deg angle to dish it out some, but need more of a round dished shape along with the small profile of the sanding drum shape. I bet I just confused everyone...sorry. If anyone has seen a plug similar to the J Plug you will know what I mean by the shape of the head. Thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated...thanks in advance.
  4. I'm sure that most of you guys already know the answer to my question, but I'm a little stumped. I'm trying to paint some metal spoons, dodgers, and spinner blades. I'm having a problem with the paint sticking. I've used a metal primer, airbrushed some Createx paint and sealed with a light epoxy coat( 2 ton). This was only done to one side of the spoon. After being lightly used, the complete coats of primer, paint, and epoxy have pulled away. I lightly sanded the bare metal spoon before primer thinking that this would give the base primer a better "bite"....the primer failed to stick. My question to you guys is what should I be doing to make the paint stick? Different primer? What would you recommend ? I want to be able to airbrush these lures. Thanks in advance for your help.
  5. Hi Guys I was wondering what was the best clear top coat that I should use on metal spoons. I air brush the spoons with Createx and heat set them. I've tried 2T epoxy with good results but was looking for a one part, dipping kind of top coat.
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