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  1. 10-16 inch flat belly worm/snake

    Bass tackle has a 12and 17. Neither one is flat belly but size is there
  2. Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles!!!!

    I have a bunch or there top inject molds and some are different than others. For the ringed ones I use the Twinjector all the time even if it is one color. And it will bubble towards the top when the plastic is to hot. Cool your plastic to about 300-310 and inject slow when you feel it stop give it a bit of a quick push and remove the injector. Now here is something that I have found is when shooting a cold mold it will have a tendency to pull the Sprue out and let air in. Air will be in the tip or nose of the bait. On others molds like the shad body’s I shoot hotter with the same push at the end to force out air trapped toward the top of the mold. Hopefully this will help if not repost what mold you are talking about and I will see if I have any tricks on those.
  3. thermometer

    I tested both once and found that they were very close to the same temp. Using the probe to stir and the ir gun to read temp at the same time. Ended up within a few degrees. I have something much better to stir with than a thin probe so I ended up using the ir gun all the time. But either way it is very important to know what the temp is. When you have problems most of the time you could ask and if someone asks what temp you can tell them. As for the quality question try the less expensive one not a big loss if it is not so good. And Walmart would probably return it after even months of use.
  4. Injector nozzle adapter

    I got this from Jacobs baits many years ago and don’t use it. If you think it will work let me know and I will send it to you.
  5. Dead on plastix

    If you use a small round object to stir it will introduce less bubbles. Flat ones create a vortex and can introduce more bubbles. But if it is not hot enough and still thick anything will make bubbles. Smell is a personal thing. I think the one I use has less of an offensive smell. But then that is just me. Kind of a personal thing.
  6. Hard packing .

    I have been using a mixer for awhile now. But hand works good too. Did it that way for a long time. Just had some one ask how long I have had my pots, it been about 8 years and no issues. So that way is hard to beat. Heated injector stand is great too but the guy no longer sells it. Have to pull that video off.
  7. Hard packing .

    Don’t know who’s is really doing that nowadays. That was a thing that use to happen more than it does now.
  8. Hard packing .

    Some plastic compounds will settle on the bottom it is hard to mix it back in. Thus hard packing. You will need to make sure every time you use any plastic it is mixed well before you remove any from the container it came in.
  9. Cnc plastic mold air relief

    I have a friend in Chile that does great work on a router like that. He told me it was more about the cam software so you can control speeds and feeds to fit the machine. I had a feeling you were not using aluminum.
  10. Dead on plastix

    So you know he did not stir it, even if he knew better and lost money when he had to replace it. Sounds like you only heard what you wanted from that conversation. He sold a lot of plastic for a long time and many brands and you are saying he was not carefull? Anyone that does this knows it need mixing before you use or repackages. Just because he used a drum pump does not mean it is bad. I still use one to this day.
  11. Dead on plastix

    So you know how bear handled his drums? Talking about knowing someone elses business. I am just pointing out that the product they all praise is and always will be available to them.It has been way before anyone started reselling it. It is not something that is new. Calhouns will sell to anyone who will buy a drum. But they dont sell smaller quantities.
  12. Dead on plastix

    Its still calhouns plastic in the end. Maybe bear never took the air out but it was the same stuff. As for knowledge of consistency most of what happens is user error. And now there is a lot of information on the forum about these type of things. I flex my knowledge here to help not to sell.
  13. Cnc plastic mold air relief

    If you are going to vent it that much then try .001 on every vent from the bait and .002-3 on all other vents. Move the head of the bait closer to the sprue and run a ball mill into it not a channel. This will make a good tear point and leave you clean heads. As long as this is an aluminum mold.
  14. Dead on plastix

    Yes calhouns is good plastic but baitjunkies is just repackaged not a brand. Funny when bear had it not many were praising it like now. Same stuff different package.
  15. Dead on plastix

    That plastic is Calhoun’s. The same plastic bear used to sell. Just need to find another repackager. Does not make any sense why another plastic company sell there competitors brand.