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  1. One other thing I forgot to mention is a cooler bait is more durable than a hot one. Extra inserts are a good thing.
  2. My advise would be to get ahold of a basstrix bait and measure it. In my video the blade was flat with sorta sharp edges. From the tail to the main body it was about 2.5 to 3 times the height. With yours being round it would be easier on the plastic. I get a lot of comments about not taking off that bait in the video I should do another one and show how it comes off. One day.
  3. Frank

    MF worm plastic problem

    You need to know the temp until you get use to your microwave and heating cycles. You can’t even imagine the problems you won’t have if you get one. Knowing the temp is key. Dents, color changing,yellowing,sticky baits and many more. Adding heat stabilizer does not do any good if you over heat it. Plus when it is fresh plastic it is in there. The reason for adding it is to replenish it when burned off while keeping it up to temp.
  4. Frank

    Cleaning molds

    Go to an auto body paint supplier and get wax and grease remover. It works great on the molds and your work bench too. As long as it is metal. Just wipe it on and use clean towel to dry. You will love it.
  5. Frank

    What is the best dye to use?

    Well you can blame me them because a long time ago I asked if they could start shipping with Usps and they did. The only other option was ground ups. That’s a week and a half for me to get even a small order. I understand how frustrating it can be when you need something and it gets delayed. If you do not use them in the future you will be missing out on some really great products. Not that this will make you feel better I ship with Usps all the time and this week I send out a package to the same address and it said 3 days. When I got my email notification of acceptance it said delivery Saturday, that’s four days. But don’t be surprised if you get it earlier than Friday. I am hoping you get it tomorrow.
  6. Frank

    anyone know how to do this

    Exhibit is in the gallery. Until now you did not discuss how you did it. But thank you for sharing your knowledge of how it is done. I have found one thing here in all the years I have shared, you can tell them how it is done and very few will actually take the time to put in alll the hard work to do what you do. Doing this to make something of it takes a lot of time and effort. Unless you sit down and spend hours and days doing it no one will understand how hard it really is. That tray of baits took him in my opinion hours to make. Not very many people want to invest that kinda time to do it. I respect that cause I have spent the hours and days to make baits for people. And again thank you for sharing.
  7. Frank

    Twin injector?

    So if I understand right you bought the 3oz Twinjector, now just buy another 6oz one and you can swap them out when you need more volume. I think it is easier to learn with the 3oz Twinjector and then move up. It does take a little getting use to. And funny you say won’t make two color baits anyways, but that’s what you say now. 95% of what I shoot in two colors. I am so use to it when I shoot a Single Color I still use the Twinjector.
  8. Frank

    anyone know how to do this

    I don’t see any sharing on the part of the guy who makes them at all. Just picture of what he can do. Which is not allowed unless you are helping explain something. Did not think Marker54 meant it the way you took it. Jgzee1 please share how you do it please.
  9. Frank

    Stinky scent

    Give Spikeit a call and ask if they still make one called stinkum. I think that’s the name. It is the closest to power bait I have seen(smelled).
  10. Frank

    Dealing with Hard Pack

    I am guessing he uses it because Spikeit make plastic for the bait making industry. They can adjust formulas for situations we have. Other company’s make plastic for many industry’s and we are not top of there list. Using suspendasol tells you that is probably the case. No one else even offers such a thing.
  11. Frank

    Dealing with Hard Pack

    Yes the harder one settle faster than soft. I believe it I the amount of pvc material added that makes it settle faster.
  12. Frank

    Twin Tail Grun.

    Basstackle has this one. It is smaller but swims good. Unless you had a different tail design in mind.
  13. Frank

    Coloring for Plastic Baits

    Lureworks has great colors and are very consistent. They make there own from the raw materials so colors don’t change unless the paste pigment does. But that is not very common with them. They supply a lot of big company’s so if the color changes they get pretty upset.
  14. Frank

    Dealing with Hard Pack

    From what I understand one of the products in plastisol can be dry and can settle. The coarser the dry product the worst it settles. The end product is the same just needs attention before use. All plastics have some type of settlement. Get into a habit of making sure you get all of it mixed well before use and thing will get way more predictable.
  15. Frank

    Dealing with Hard Pack

    Get a nice screw on lids and just mix just before you use it every time. Keeps everything real consistent all the time.