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  1. Frank

    Tube Jig Help

    Look on eBay most are very usable for what we do. Get one bigger than you think you need it will help in the future. Mine is a 4 gallon one. And yes vacuum when it is cold not hot.
  2. Frank

    Tube Jig Help

    Vacumn before you heat it. Save a lot of errors like you mentioned.
  3. Another choice is https://www.clearbags.com/6-x-4-hanging-zip-top-bags-100-pieces-hzb64.html
  4. hello Mr frank hope you doing well

    have a question, have you recipe for making plastisol?

    thank you for your time


    1. Frank


      Here is one someone posted on TU awhile back. Never tried it but it is a good start. Leave out the tungsten powder so it will float. Had another one but can’t find it. 

      65% DINP Plastecizer

      -13% Emulsion PVC paste resin

      -2% Epoxy Soybean Oil

      -5%  Metallic Thermostabalizer

      -5% Dispersent

      -3% Glycerol or Glycerin

      -7% Tungsten Nano-particles or Tungsten powder 275 mesh and up

      (If you tested this please send feedback on how it goes.)

    2. MrMoon


      thanks a lot will do

  5. With either temperature devise you need to be stirring while you take the temp. Some would think it will be different but at least with me it does not matter. I like stirring and taking the temp with an infrared which does not touch the hot plastic. With my probes the heat seems to migrate to the plastic tops and eventually cracks.
  6. Lower the shooting temp down to 300-315. It will be thicker and won’t pass through so easy. Get the plastic to 350 and let it cool a bit. It is way to thin at 350. Especially if it’s a new injector. Takes time for the o ring to get settled in. As time goes on it will get better. But not if you keep changing the o rings.
  7. You never mentioned who’s injector it is. But if they are new sometimes they need a little time for the rings to set. But most of the time that comes from plastic to hot and to much pressure from your hand. Is your temp on your Plastic always about the same? Or does is fluctuate? Don’t think new o rings will get you anywhere.
  8. Ok then letting him in on changing the way he builds a mold is important. Cause he said he was making an open pour mold with a flat top. And the pictures from Travis show just that.
  9. All good suggestions but how is he going to get the master out of the pop mold when done? With the picture from above I can’t see how.
  10. Just understand what he wants to do. He want to expel as much plastic back into a presto pot and leave it in there till it is needed again. Never clean it out. And with two injectors. For me having it on my injectors is necessary because I do the same thing he wants to do. When you fill the injectors and shoot molds the plastic cools and becomes thick and sometimes jelloy. This causes you to need more pressure to expel the remaining plastic. Which in turn gets remelted with the plastic left in the two presto pots. If I did not need the tips to lock then I have the option to not lock them. But in my case I need to lock them. If you don’t have anything to lock them in then there is no option. He is sounding like he wants more production from his system he uses now and he can with some simple modifications.
  11. Ok that sounds about right then. There is a slight angle to the small presto pots but if you think it will work then I hope it does. There are two sizes of presto pots and the larger one has a much steeper angle. Found out that the hard way.
  12. Well then post some pics to show what not to do and help.
  13. Yes mine does. Are the Doit two color ones wide enough to get them both to the bottom of the prestos?
  14. I would guess that means there other sb paint colors not the plastisol colors. But I could be wrong.
  15. What are you trying to do? The only thing that is safe to use as a color in this stuff is powder colorant. What color do you want?
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