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  1. Keep in mind If you are wanting it from Basstackle I don’t believe Basstackle sell parts to convert to a Twinjector but it can be broken down into two individuals after it is purchased.
  2. I am saying try it, it works. Been doing it with motor oil since Spikeit changed there motor oil. And with the last changeable color you showed yes you can don’t just throw up your hand and say it is not possible. They made it and so can you.
  3. Well you are going to have to find out what is making it do that. If you compounded your own then it is a formula problem I my opinion.
  4. That happen to me but take a lot longer than 20 minutes. If I leave mine in for hours it will absorb water. Might be your brand of plastic.
  5. A Twinjector history. First pic the first Twinjectors sold. This one has the locking pins I put in. Second a very early 6oz set up. And last a very modified production set. Top has linear bearings and steel shafts. I use these one almost exclusively even for single colors. As you can see they have evolved to what you have now
  6. Then try it if you say it is impossible. Get a chartreuse DYE and brown or purple. Mix it 50/50 and put it in plastic and heat it. Then you will believe it is not magic. They don’t have anything we don’t when they make it. Or can’t get.
  7. It will be like that till it gets used a bit. Loosen the top knobs a little and also the top of the injector tubes. This will help it break in and loosen up. After awhile it will be just fine. Try and not tighten those part to much they don’t need it and will ensure a long life of your injectors.
  8. I understand no one wants to make there own colors but some people act like all colors are the same. That is far from true. So you can buy another brand but is it the same? Most of the time no. If you learn to make your own from basic colors you will not have to ask why they don’t have it. Control your own destiny. This is not a color you buy off the shelf they compound it to fit there needs. And you can too. I know cause lureworks old motor oil changed color and number.
  9. Ok looking at that picture I have a different view. This one is chartreuse DYE and purple. And again start with equal amounts and a just from there. If you use Mf colors they will get you there slower, meaning they are a weaker concentration. If you use lure works then use way less drops. I am a fan of the lure works one and have been for years. They don’t have the one I used to use anymore so I figured out how to duplicate it my self. So in the end if you want the Mf colors use Mf colors. It will be real close. One tip is less purple will make it less green like in your pic.
  10. Frank


    Yes another vote for the 6 oz. Way back when it was new I was a fan of starting with the 3 oz just because it was smaller. There’s still a learning curve but I think the biggest challenge is keeping the plastic the same temp or at least 10 deg from each other. When starting out it good to ask and know the reason for price differences. Just so you know it is the same with molds so ask away.
  11. Frank


    Worth its weight in gold. You will know that when you get it.
  12. That not like the one I have at all. But mine is old. To make it you will have to have chartreuse dye and purple or in your case brown( I am guessing). Start with a 50-50 mix and adjust from there. With purple it will give you more of a green tone while in the water it will turn reddish brown. Brown is just a guess like I said but I have seen some motor oils like that.
  13. Do you have a picture of the color? Might be able to help you make your own and never have this happen to you again.
  14. Frank


    I own the first set of Basstackle Twinjectors ever made and still have them. They are tanks and built well. I have a video from 2008 that I used then in and to this day have never had an issue. Look me up and see how they have evolved to what you see now. Franksrooty2 is my YouTube name. Just a fair warning There’s no beer or drums I am doing this to show how I use the Twinjector. Not entertaining just teaching.
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