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  1. I believe all of the Spikeit colorants can be added to hot plastic wether it is floresent or not. Just one thing they told me along time ago.
  2. This is a temp issue. And having the temps high and close is causing this problem. This mold he is shooting has a gate that will spray the plastic if it is to thin. Then you get the crossover at the tail. I have delt with these molds for years and if they are shot over 310 they will do that. I shoot mine at about 310 but I am sure two temp gauges are not the same. Lower the temps another 10 deg and try it again. You will find the right temp. One other question is your injector one of the 50-50 or is the ratio something else?
  3. Heat is to high try lowering it to 300-310. Should shoot just fine at those temps.
  4. Ok just trying to help. You said you wanted a blue sapphire like zooms. It is not a solid blue because if it was you would not see the flake in it. You can get a dye from Mf and get a blue like the zoom pictures on there site. Mf blue I am talking about is one of the first ones on his list of colors simply named blue. By the way I believe most of the first ten colors are dyes so be carefull they bleed. If you want a solid blue then post a picture.
  5. Add blue hilite powder or white pearl to it. This will give the blue color something to reflect the light.
  6. Here's another one. A lot of variations on his site too. Probably get it in less than a week.
  7. Spikeit make a plastic just for dipping. It stay thin even at lower temps. Clearasol is what they call it. I believe it is soft and medium.
  8. There always has been something going on. But some guys get there stuff. Maybe give them a call and make sure they are in stock before ordering.
  9. I have a bunch of the concentrate. I prefer to use Spikeit colorant. I can mix it well everytime. If I let them set for awhile it has about 20% of the stuff they cut it with. Others have more like 80%. The concentrate is hard to mix and so thick hard to measure unless you weigh it. The white I have will make a solid bait with 20 drops in a quart. Black ten drops in a quart. Trying to make drops can be a challenge cause you have to force it out of the bottle. On the watermelon Spikeit has two in there paste line. One is the 101 and the other is there kudzu(watermelon500) in there paste line.
  10. They are posted on dels site too if you want to take the chance.
  11. Good to hear from you again. Tried to get ahold of you awhile back with out any luck. Hope all is well.
  12. I have one 4" chub E swin bait mold and two 5". All are Delmart molds and I good shape. One of the 5" molds has some funny drill marks on the top but that is the way I got it from them. These molds use an insert because they are a line thru model. Insert are available from Delmart. USPS shipping is included for us buyers, outside the US please message me for quote.
  13. High quality cnc aluminum hand pour mold. All are one sided. Makes a good bait but one side is flat. Prices are all the same but the first ones are 6.65 higher to cover shipping. Please refer to them by number when inquiring. First come first served. PayPal only please. Outside the US please message for shipping charges.
  14. All plastic separates, what makes the difference is how easy it mixes back to a usable state. When it is in a container that is easy to mix odds are you will always get a consistent product. The bag is a great way to ship plastic but a poor way to store it. Transferring it to a pail or jug makes sense. Especially if you don't go through it real fast.
  15. I have one 3.75 swim shad mold from Caney Creek now Doit. Shoots good just never use it. Also have ten DD gill swim baits molds from caney creek. Use to sell a lot of these but not any more. These molds can be a little tricky to shoot if you are in a hurry. But if you shoot slow they shoot a very nice bait.