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  1. Saltwater soft plastic question

    Don't let the price difference fool you. The end product will be just as good. Every plastic has good and bads but they all end up making a great bait. Spikeit plastic is great and they actually make it there so there's no repackaging involved. They make many varietys of formulas for anything you need to make. If you don't have the ability to vacumn out the air in it but the pourasol and you will get less to no bubbles. As for the question about adding softener you can but it would be much easier to buy medium try it then maybe compound it from there.
  2. Custom molds

    The ones in the states are busy busy and we lost a couple. The guy from baitmolds seems to have a real talent for this stuff and if he is not that busy it may be his best choice.
  3. Need help finding or making a lure

    Someone who's looking for an exact mold of a bait will not be happy with a flat on top of the bait. Maybe it's just me but there are some real close looking worms out there if you just look. Looks the treat worm from Basstackle in full round and you will see what I mean.
  4. Hi Frank. My name is Bill DeMent out here in Reno. I was wondering if I can pick your plain about degassing plastisol. The forums gets a little overwhelming at times. Here is my email. I can send you my phone number is well. I am more then will to pay you for your time. Thank you hope to here from you.

  5. Degassed Plastisol - Bait Junkies

    The two gallon will be fine for you. Once you vacumn it and it settles you can add more and do it all again till you have enough. If I had a two gallon pot I could get about 1.5 gallons ready a quart at a time this way in the same pot.
  6. Degassed Plastisol - Bait Junkies

    Sorry no one addressed your post. Yes you can but the gallon container will need to be 1/4 full so it does not over fill. Best bet is to get a smaller pot say 3gallons and just put it straight in there. Having a five gallon pot setting around all the time takes a lot of room. I shoot a lot of plastic and a 4 gallon is just fine. Most of the guys here could get away with a much smaller pot if you work it out and think about it. You don't have to get all your plastic done at one time just what you need at the time. So if you use four cups and microwave it then you can vacumn more when it is in the microwave as that will take much more time than vacumning. I vacumn everytime as I need. Having it set around vacumned does not do any good if you have to mix it up again and maybe introduce more air. It won't be as bad as the first time but it's there. Maybe it's cause I use a drill with a paint mixer on the end. And yes if you have a pump for doing a/c on a car it should work as long as it is in good working order. If it does not grow like the first picture you will need to rethink your pump.
  7. Degassed Plastisol - Bait Junkies

    Well in this case you will need a pump that will make the plastic let go of the air and look like the picture in the first post. This will not happen till it gets to 29.4 inches of vacumn. What ever your guage says does not matter cause it won't happen till then.
  8. 6" Yamamoto Style Baits

    Define smooth this looks like a sand cast mold.
  9. Degassed Plastisol - Bait Junkies

    Venturi pumps will only get to about 26 inches of vacumn. Not near enough to get air out of the plastic. As for the large pots I use a four gallon one with at least two gallons in it but have a secondary container that catches anything before it get to the pump. That is where I release the vacumn when it is done so I don't have to keep bending over. I can also add more plastic to the pot by using the relief valve on the big pot to suck up more and keep going till the pot has about 3.5 gallons of usable plastic in it. There are plenty of way to get this done just have to be creative.
  10. Soft Bait Glue - PVC Cement

    It works just as well. In fact it does smell the same but the glue for pipes does not have much of a shelf life when opened.
  11. 6" Yamamoto Style Baits

    That looks like air bubbles from the injector. Looks to small of an area to be a dent. Most dent are larger and not as deep. Make sure your injector has enough volume to fill the mold. If it gets close to the end of the volume it will inject bubbles just like that. You could cut the bait in half and see if it a bubble or a dent.
  12. Degassed Plastisol - Bait Junkies

    I get what you are saying about the pumps but unless you buy an American made one they are all pretty much the same. The last American pump we bought at work was 700, much more than what we are talking here. My pump I bought from eBay and payed about 70 and it is still going after about 4 years. Not sure if I could ask for more from an imported pump. I am pretty sure it has payed for itself many times over.
  13. Degassed Plastisol - Bait Junkies

    Cost of the vacumn pump can be all over the board. Just buy one that will draw down to 29.4 or more vacumn. This is what it takes to get the air out of the plastic. Some will do it faster with higher cfm or two stages but they all slow down when it get down to that low of vacumn. You can buy the 10" lid and get the pot your self for a Resturant supply store then but the pump. You can get a 2-3or 4 gallon pot with the same 10" size. With the 5 gallon pots you will need a 12" lid. Just looked on eBay and there's a ton of these unit of all sizes at a much lower price than before. Get a 4-5 gallon one for under 150. That makes getting one of these a no brainer. Even if you buy the higher priced plastic it will be worth it to make sure there's is no bubbles.
  14. Decent Gloves

    Maxi flex is the brand I believe. They have a lot of great gloves available. Used by a lot of businesses.
  15. Griddle?

    Agreed I do use mine pretty much everyday. And my old four cup anchor ones are still here. One even bounced off the floor and I caught it, took a big chip out of it and still working well. I did have one break but it was my fault cause I set it on a cold table.