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  1. Do you actually know what the temp you are getting? I find this stuff way more heat tolerable than most on the market.
  2. The difference is that the mold is set up to be side by side not top to bottom.
  3. Yes very much so. The color he is showing in the pic is an opaque color. Not much see through. Adding white will make colors more opaque but will change the actual color dramatically. The scale that spike it has is really good to use for there colors because as you buy and use them you will understand the scale.
  4. Who’s color are you using? I do those colors all the time and never have them bleed to the white. Some colors are dyes and they will bleed. I use mostly Spikeit colors. With there colors they have an explanation of if they bleed or not. Also have a scale of how transparent they could be.
  5. What do you mean cooling way off between refills? When you draw the plastic up in the injectors you should move on quickly to your molds and fill quickly. If you need to top off do it after they are all full. You could warm the block but you will still need to move quickly.
  6. If you go to Spikeit and look at there colorant they have a scale of how transparent it is. You want opaque colors. Not sure if anyone else does that.
  7. A long time ago when I first started I got some made from harder plastisol. The member just built a box around what he had and pour it for me. Cost penny’s to make and worked just fine. But if you do use a polyester(bonds) type product it will shrink a bit. Casting resins not so much.
  8. Give this one a look. You never mentioned a size. http://www.basstackle.com/678_Swimbait_p/678-kj-1.htm
  9. Just dip in white first then the real color you want. Your results will be very pleasing. Cutting tails off can be tricky if the second color is not hot enough to bond.
  10. With either one you use you need to stir. Then it does not matter which one you use. I want to know the average temp not just the middle or out side. Stir and take the temp.
  11. I hope you are not thinking that there is really a machine that will make baits on it own. If you are rethink what you are getting into. Cause there is not one. If you want to make baits and sell them after packaging then you have a few options. You can get your self two presto pots and a Twinjector and go for it. Another option is the shooting star. Both will do two colors but you will have to work to make the baits. You will be the machine. Even the 60k ones need someone to watch it and remove runners when time allows. I have been making baits for years now and only have hand injectors. I do have one injection press but it is only one color. It’s not faster than my presto pots and Twinjector. There’s not much in the middle for shooting baits. Not sure what route you want to take. And how many baits you want to make. With the big machine you will need to do productions runs and get custom molds. There is a clean up that will have to be done when changing colors. The other two systems will use smaller and more readily available molds. As you can see there are a lot of questions that need to be answered before you can get an idea of a machine.
  12. Look at picture from the internet. It is pretty simple and doing it wrong should not be an issue. The only advice I have is make sure the lid is on right when you start don’t want to have it not sealed right. But you will know it when it is not right. If you are really in new Orleans your vacuum gauge should go to about 29.5 in. This will give you what you are looking for removing air. Pm me if you need anymore answers.
  13. This is from the Spikeit site under the descriptions. All color info is here.
  14. Great investment. You will be happy.
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