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  1. When I was really pouring a lot 90% were laminates. Now pour less and 95% are laminates. You will sell more baits if you can use a Twinjector or similar. But when they know you can make them they will ask for them. Not from laminate plates they are a waste of time(actual time). Cost is not an issue when production goes way up.
  2. And remember that is a 9 year old video. Things for me have changed. I have been using something I made years ago but never made a video of it. Soon I will make a video of it and you will see all that I have learned over the years from actually doing it. It’s simple to use and easy to fix if needed. And uses something about 3000 of you already have.
  3. 35 is not as fast as you think it is. Get one and try it. Then you will know. And the plastic is thicker than you think. I can’t suck up anything if it is down to 1/2 an inch from the bottom.
  4. This one. Compact AC Gearmotor, Face Mount, 20 in.-lbs. Torque At 35 Maximum rpm, 115V AC https://www.mcmaster.com/6142K46
  5. I have found that deep fryers have a thin lining so heat transfer is fast. Heat will go full on and stop way after the desired temp. With oil this is fine but not for plastic. The presto pot on the other hand is a cooker with a much thicker pot that distributes heat much slower and more even. For years I have worked on a way to beat the presto pots. But keep using them. For 30 dollars it’s hard to beat the presto pot. Get one then get a gear motor for stirring mount it and use it for years without an issue. Anything else is just a waste of time for that amount of money.
  6. Most people just take the advice and buy what works. There are other options but not at that price. Not saying that model does not have issues as well. But most of those can be solved easily. Buy that one and be happy. Buy the others and let us know if they work out.
  7. Get with clear bags. They can get you a quote on custom bags. You have been using them and know there quality so why change now.
  8. Glad it worked out for you. Nothing is impossible.
  9. Keep in mind If you are wanting it from Basstackle I don’t believe Basstackle sell parts to convert to a Twinjector but it can be broken down into two individuals after it is purchased.
  10. I am saying try it, it works. Been doing it with motor oil since Spikeit changed there motor oil. And with the last changeable color you showed yes you can don’t just throw up your hand and say it is not possible. They made it and so can you.
  11. Well you are going to have to find out what is making it do that. If you compounded your own then it is a formula problem I my opinion.
  12. That happen to me but take a lot longer than 20 minutes. If I leave mine in for hours it will absorb water. Might be your brand of plastic.
  13. A Twinjector history. First pic the first Twinjectors sold. This one has the locking pins I put in. Second a very early 6oz set up. And last a very modified production set. Top has linear bearings and steel shafts. I use these one almost exclusively even for single colors. As you can see they have evolved to what you have now
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