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  1. baitmold.com review (ukraine store)

    Look up Basstackle.com. He has them from 1.5 to 7.5”. Usually get them in a week or so.
  2. baitmold.com review (ukraine store)

    Would be pretty hard to hand pour a tail and ribs that thin. Why not just use the ones from here that are close to what you want.
  3. Injection Press?

    Dave nailed it. I have been doing this for a long time now. Let others bag and market them.
  4. Injection Press?

    You can see it in a video on you tube. Look up franksrooty2 then find the injection press one. No I don't have the mixer, for me it's not needed. I go through plastic so fast it really does not have time to settle. Remember now I do have one of the first ones so it's a little different in looks but the base is all the same. Hope you find it informative and if not just ask away on this thread.
  5. Injection Press?

    I have one and yes it would all be required for how I use it. I don't heat the plastic in the press and use the Pyrex to transfer plastic from the microwave. It should come with a thermometer but you should be able to check the plastic once in awhile to make sure all things are good. You will need gloves as the whole press gets hot. I don't use safety glasses so that's up to you. If you choose to not have the other tools available then when you reheat it will take awhile. Remember it only holds a quart so it won't last long.
  6. Worm oil and packaging

    I use a small spray bottle and give the plastic a couple of sprits and bag. They get real slippery doing them first then packaging but the end result is easier to achieve. I don't put it in the bag at all.
  7. Color issues

    Not sure if there could be a guide. To many variables with products. I know. A lot of people are saying to get the temp up to 350 and let it cool to 310 or so but I never do that. I heat it up to 320-330 and go with it. With some plastic if you get it up to 350 it will start yellowing fast. You never mentioned what plastic you are using but some are much more heat tolerant. I was asking about the temp probe cause using the one in the press that goes through the base where the heater is works great but with such a high starting point it could over shoot the desired temp easily due to the mass of metal. It take a long while to cool also. Is it possible to heat your plastic in a microwave then treansfer it to the press. This way works great for me. What I do is preheat the press and let it settle at the desired injection temp. Then add the plastic heated in the microwave. Takes much less time and will help with the yellowing.
  8. Color issues

    So are you using a Jacobs injection press? And are you talking about the probe that goes in the base? Again it seems you are getting to hot.
  9. Clearasol drying time?

    Also did you mix it completely. If not it may seem sticky.
  10. Id this mold?

    put 646 in the search bar and it will bring you to one of the sizes. He has a bunch of them.
  11. Uv and glow additave

    Not sure if it has ever been proven to hurt so why not add a few drops to your plastic.
  12. cheaper plastic

    I am talking about the ones who make plastic for the bait makers. Not a company that uses bait makers as a alternate form of income. The company's like Spikeit ,Mf and lure craft. They supply a lot of us with products that are very dependent on consistency. Hate to say but most of the issues with bad batches and inconsistent product is user error. But most of us have had a problem or two but someone here can usually explain how to fix it.
  13. cheaper plastic

    Well it can be but say for example you get Spikeit injectasol then yes it has air in it. But if you buy pourasol it has been vacuumed out, this is the same product. Then let's say you aggressively mix your pourasol you could introduce air back in but not as bad. If you get into the habit of doing it your sefl then the end product should not change. That being said buying plastic from a company that makes it and not a reseller is a safer bet. Get it from one who moves a lot of plastic in this industry and you will surly get a real consistent end product. Cause if they don't care about consistency they will not sell as much as someone who does.
  14. cheaper plastic

    I like to call it less expensive cause the final result is real close. Spikeit is another one to look at. You may have to put all or most of them under a vacumn to get bubble free plastic but the savings keep growing after the first drum. Because you will have to purchase a vacumn system of coarse.
  15. zoom color help

    Get green pumpkin 156 from Spikeit and you will be there. Zooms color is all over the place but this one has a real Brown look to,it.