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  1. You mention colors like they are all the same. But that is so far from the truth it is not even funny. If you know it is not an over heating problem them it just might be what you believe the color should look like. It takes a long time to find color you like or believe to be the right color. Not a bad thing but it just might take awhile to find them. And with that you will eventually end up with colors you may never use. Then you will find out that color strength is all over the place too. Not that it is a bad thing but when you use say one black and get a nice smoke color you might buy another suppliers black and it won’t be the same. If this all seems a bit overwhelming that’s because it is when it comes to colors.
  2. That looks like the oring is letting plastic past it. Try changing o rings and adding worm oil, if it still persist doing that add some shim stock under the oring to tighten it just a bit. One thing that might be different about the new plastic is the viscosity, might be thinner at shooting temp and then causes this to happen. Read your other post again about mixing for 5-6 minutes, I mix mine for about 30 seconds with a drill every time I take some out.
  3. It is always good practice to get a system down and make sure you stick to what you do every time you pour. Mixing the plastic and making sure there is no settlement on the bottom is a good habit to get in to. Saying to just give it a quick mix in the container and not make sure there’s no settling is a bad habit. Guys do that and report the plastic is sticky, to soft and many other issues when in fact it is user error from poor information and bad practices. That’s what I am saying. Repackagers replace the so called bad plastic because they will get a bad review and could hurt sales in the future. Anyone reading this and has had a problem try this when you get ready to pour get something and run it across the bottom of your container and see what you get when you lift it out. Call it what you want but It most likely won’t be hard but needs to be mixed in to get good consistants results.
  4. Frank

    Large injector

    I have a Basstackle 10oz injector but prefer using the 6oz Twinjector when I need that much plastic, even when it is only one color. Just fill both up with the same color. The 10oz one in long and cools fast so getting a lot of usable plastic is a trick in itself.
  5. Elf you are the only one saying hard pack no one else even mentioned it. All plastic separates and need to be mixed well before pouring some out. As you stated it did seperate and needed to be mixed before use. Gallon jugs make it harder to make sure it is mixed. Unless it has a wide mouth and you can make sure there is nothing on the bottom. And remember if you pour off the top of the container and heat it you just changed to rest of what you have.
  6. If you use a motor that has plastic parts the chemicals from heated plastic will break it down over time. A less expensive fix now may cost you more in the end.
  7. This one works good. You can choose different rpms but the 50 is good. https://www.mcmaster.com/#6142K47
  8. How can you say that if there new one has not even been on the market long enough to know if it does? All plastic settles in time it is just the nature of how it’s made. Some settle faster than others.
  9. Pouring it in a bowl and mixing it with a blender is ok. But are you absolutely sure you got all the stuff that settles on the bottom of the jug in the mix. Shaking it will not loosen it up all the time. When you say sticky, most of the time it is not mixed well enough. And if you feel what you are doing is to much maybe try and change what you do for that plastic. Gallon jugs are not really ideal for plastic that needs to be mixed well evertime. Getting something on the bottom of the container and making sure there is no sludge is very important for any plastisol. I see some guys say heating is important to this plastic you may need to check your initial temp very carefull. I use Spikeit plastic and never get mine above 340 without an issue. Mine is mostly around 330 initial heating. One other thing to remember when getting plastic from someone who repackages it it can be say inconsistent. Getting plastic from a company who makes it is always your better bet.
  10. Study this mold and it makes more sense. The lower two cavity’s have the vents that lead to holes in the mold.
  11. My thoughts are when the first two tails fill out the last one has no way to vent. Try drilling a hole through the mold in the vent of the last tail. Thus the air will be released after the first two fill. Does not need to be large but does need to be at the tip of the tail.
  12. Is there a difference in the vpi paint and the solvent based paint?
  13. Here is the page. Use white under coat but here’s the chartreuse. https://www.ispikeit.com/product/291/chartreuse-3010
  14. BTS molds has one close to that. https://www.btsmolds.com/swim-bait/648-swim-bait
  15. Is this what you are looking for? Way to long but could be cut and work for the surf. http://www.basstackle.com/product_p/532-1-2.htm http://www.basstackle.com/540_Creature_p/540-kj-2.htm
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