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  1. Read on here years ago about this and it works well. I actually just use a little future. Keeps the paint from drying on the needle
  2. ryanwood99

    Worm oil and packaging

    I use both. The salt seems to make them last longer and keep their shape better
  3. ryanwood99

    Fatfingers Rocketshad

    how do i get one?
  4. ryanwood99

    Fatfingers Flatshad in Albino Shad

    very nice detail
  5. ryanwood99

    Is There A Way To Hollow Out A Solid Bait?

    1 out of every 20 or so Super Hogs by Zoom has a little pocket like this in it and I would like to get some thing like that but figured it would be hard to do after it's poured
  6. I'm trying to figure out if there is some way to hollow out a solid bait. Really just looking to maybe create a 1/2 inch bubble in a bait after it's already poured. Is there some sort of heated sirenge or something that might work?
  7. ryanwood99

    Expanding Baits

    I fill zoom horny toad bags with water and let them swell to get a bigger toad. Great trick, I learned fishing Guntersville with a guy a couple of years ago
  8. ryanwood99

    Predator Sinking Lipless And Rc 2.5s?

    +1 on Jim being a great seller. He is my first choice any time I am looking for blanks to paint. By far the best person I have found to deal with. Also have not had any issues with the split rings.
  9. ryanwood99

    smoke chart

    Thanks bud. I've been working on it.
  10. ryanwood99

    Anyone Use Thermal Paint Before?

    Changes at 86 degrees
  11. ryanwood99

    Wild Ghost

  12. ryanwood99

    sexy chart

  13. ryanwood99

    smoke chart

  14. ryanwood99

    sexy chart

  15. ryanwood99

    sexy chart