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  1. A few of my new baits that came to life. Pancho
  2. Big Pancho

    Big Weedless Squid

    An idea came to mind in making a Big weedless Squid to feed to them Saltwater bass I love to target. We will soon find out what this thing is going to do once I get him wet. Looking forward in seeing if the bass will eat it. BP
  3. Big Pancho


    Pops would have been 80 this year on January 24th. Grabbed a ball of clay on his birthday and this tribute bait took form. Rest in peace pops. Me and the boys will put this to good use. Frank
  4. Big Pancho

    BP Creature

    Made them bulky to also fish them for saltwater critters. Can't wait to give them a go. Working on a multi cavity mold now. This will help me pour them a bit quicker. Have a great day Braided Line. BP
  5. Big Pancho

    BP Creature

    Poured up a few colors. Can't wait to feed them to the critters. BP
  6. Hello gang spent a little time in adding a few more details to my large creature bait. Gave him a little tail and big round eyeballs also modified the claws to help it flutter a bit. Gonna be fun giving this a go. Have a great day. BP
  7. Big Pancho

    Weedless Game Changers

    Thank you for the kind words Stretcher. I love this hobby so much that it keeps me thinking about that next bait that needs to be built. But i have to pace myself the cost of silicone is killing me. Thanks again for the nice compliment. Frank aka Big Pancho
  8. Big Pancho

    Weedless Game Changers

    Spent a little time pouring up a few of my weedless game changers these will be fished in a tournament in January. Looking forward to there outcome. BP
  9. Big Pancho

    Mold Masters

    Mr. Longhorn your baits look fantastic. Thanks for the tip on the wax. Now you just put my mind on a new project. Pancho
  10. Big Pancho

    Mold Masters

    Wax is something I have never used. Most of my carving are made out of bake clay. At first using the clay it was very frustrating due to the clay gettng to hot and very hard to work with from the heat of my hands. I now got a good understanding on how the clay works. Here is an idea start two projects at one time. Whenever the clay is gettin to warm and hard to work with place it in the refrigerator for ten minutes. When waiting for the first project to cool down start on the second one and alternate the projects in and out of the refrigerator. Just my two cents. I hope this helps. Pancho
  11. I have been playing around with many different silicones. What type did you get? I have had issues with platnum based silicones. Get the tined based stuff. It is much more forgiving. What I have been doing with my master copies is to spray them with automotive primer followed up with automotive paint. The smoother the outter surface of your copies will make a huge difference on how the molds will turn out. Once you pour into the glossy molds cavaties your baits will come out with a very nice sheen. As for your mold and having your baits come out dull. Try spraying the mold with silicone spray prior to pouring your baits. The silicone spray will leave a nice slick of oil on the inside of the mold and your finished pours will come out with a nicer sheen. I hope this helps. Pancho
  12. Big Pancho

    3 New Weedless baits.

    Hello gang just made three new weedless baits to add to my arsenal. Can't wait to get them wet!!! Till next time gang. Happy pouring. BP
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