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  1. Thank you for the suggestions...I am going to try Basstackle's 712 craw mold since it is closest to the size I would like. I appreciate the help Boys!
  2. Does anyone know a a Mold as close as possible to the Rage craw? I only pour as a hobby but I like pouring baits I will use a lot.
  3. Hey Power, I posted a pic of the beaver mold..it's a 2pc hand pour...let me know if you want to trade...if so do you have any craw or trailer molds? Thanks Bill
  4. Here is the Beaver Mold I have and would be willing to trade temporarily.
  5. Being new to pouring and having a blast doing it I realize I don't have many molds and want to try pouring something different. I have the standard 5" and 4" stik molds plus the 4" french fry molds but I have made enough of those in some cool colors to last me 5 seasons! I do have a nice beaver mold which I love throwing but I have made more than enough of those also. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in trading any molds with me just for a couple of weeks I guess so I can pour something different then just swap them back. I could post a picture of what I have so you know what I wo
  6. Dave...I was tring to match a color today and used your idea about using glycerine...I'm glad I did it that way for 2 reasons...1 I tweaked it so many times that when I finally got it just the color I wanted I forgot Frank said I needed to add salt which will change the color and 2 by the time I was finished I totally lost track of how many drops of the different colors I used and now have to start over being much more diligent about writing it down...saved me 8 oz of plastic!...lol
  7. Okay...Thanks for the help...I'm going to try tomorrow. I wouldn"t have used salt so Thanks frank...I'll try to post a pic after I work it out!
  8. Does anyone have a formula for RI's color called houdini? It looks pretty similar to watermelon red/black/gold flake but that was too easy...lol and didn't work at all!
  9. Thanks..I appreciate that...I am finding that you need to experiment to really get what you want..which I am also finding is a big part of the fun of it...I'm pretty sure some colors look one way to some and different to others.
  10. Paypal payment sent...Thank You randy!
  11. 07444 pompton plains NJ
  12. Randy...I'd like the 2 french fry molds...can you tell me the total shipped and I will paypal you asap
  13. TT, I used the senko formula you posted and got my stik baits to fall exactly the same speed as the original...I did not use any softner because my baits felt pretty much like the original. I think mine even had a bit more "shimmy" to them which is even better! Thanks for the info...I use a lot of these during the year and I am really looking forward to see how they do.
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