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  1. Anyone know where I might find DT14 blanks? I have found DT10 and DT16 blanks, but no DT14 blanks.
  2. These look really good also! Just wondering, do these Crinkle Colors require any extra attention in applying or curing? Thanks Mike
  3. I'll have to pay them a visit and find out exactly what they have!!!!! A pound would last me forever. I might be willing to swap some with others.................. Mike
  4. I also found BOSS products has this: Anybody use their products? Mike
  5. Thanks, Allen. That's very interesting. As it turns out, Columbia Coatings is only 45 minutes from my house! I'll have to look into what they have. Looks like they are set up for industrial powder coating operations. I wonder if they would sell to a hobbyist? Mike
  6. Quite a while ago, someone on this forum shared a powder paint that looked to be "cracked"in its dried form resulting in a brownish, veined finish similar to a "Copperhead". I have exchanged PM's with Cadman and have verified it was not him. I would like to find this powder paint, or others, to try. I am looking for colors that are still nature-like, but different from the norm and standard colors used on jig heads and spinner baits. If you have any colors you would suggest (and especially if you know of or have the "Copperhead" color) please share it and the source where one might obtain it. Thanks Mifon Nashville TN
  7. Guys, this is a great thread!! Keep it coming. I really like to see your skirt combos and compare to some of mine. It really gets the creative juices going! LET'S SEE MORE
  8. I have a couple of Dobyns rods that I really like. I like to hold the rod in front of the reel where I rest my thumb on the line for extra feel. These rods have no foregrip. Without the foregrip, it is difficult to keep the rod from twisting and to maintain control of the rod. Is it possible to add a cork foregrip to these rods?? Would buying a cork foregrip and splitting it, then epoxying around rod work?? Would this be the best solution? What suggestions do you have that might help me with my problem? If I added a foregrip, what affect would it have on my rods? Would it change the balance of the rod? Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated. Thanks Mike
  9. Can anyone give me your skirt tab colors (from FishingSkirts) that you use to make Sexy Shad? Thanks Mike
  10. I'm looking for some 1/2 and 3/4 football head jigs without weedguard and no collar. Must have quality hook, the larger the better (maybe 5/0 or 6/0). If you have some of these for sale, let me know details about the jig, the price, and availability. Thanks Mike
  11. Hey, thanks dawg! Don't know how I didn't see that!! Mike
  12. I am looking for rattles that have a hole through the center and are mounted on the top arm of spinner baits between blades (on tandem blade sb's). An example can be seen in this photo http://stansloanzorrobaitco.com/view.php?type=longarm&color=dtndmwil Can anyone direct me to where these might be purchased. Thanks for your help. Mike
  13. I'm looking for .033" stainless wire for my spinnerbaits. It used to be easily found at Barlow's and other such suppliers. Now, all I can find is .031" or .035". Can anybody help me find a supplier???? Thanks Mike
  14. Thanks Smalljaw and Cadman. I have all the molds on your list, Cadman, except the Poison Tail. I think I'll give him a try. This mold is listed as taking a 28 degree 91768BLN Mustad hook. Does Gamakatsu make a hook that will fit this mold, or are you using this hook? Now I just need to figure out how and where to fish the Snootie and Poison Tail and which sizes fish best.
  15. Acuna, I'm curious - you mentioned you use both the Rattlesnake and Hags worms but in different applications. Where and how do you use each? We have just gotten some of the Rattlesnake worms here in TN (had to order them from a friend in TX). We are still trying to find the best applications and presentations. I know they will catch fish. But, help an 'ole boy from TN out on how best to fish these things:wink:
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