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    Where To Buy Balsa Wood? balsa wood

    Crankbait Parts Dan, On page 53 if you download or just look on line they have lips down in lower left, They also had a little book with very helpful hints and procedures. I haven't dealt with them in a few years but when I did they were good to deal with. They had good pricing also. Around page 62 or 63 they have lips. These guys are in the U.S. and fantastic pricing. Just pay attention to the pricing , usually its based on 1000 pcs. best O' luck Goonsdad go blackhawks

    Props for PVC

    I found a producer of PVC material... Rod, Bar & Machining Stock I called them and they gave me a number for a local distributor whom I called and order some PVC rounds... Looking fwd to "playing" As you can see they have different shapes and sizes of rectangular as well. Pretty reasonable prices.. 1" rounds x 5ft were $3.98 ea. plus s&h. just my

    Alergic reactions to wood hardener??

    Atrophius... lol I needed that I am one crabby guy right now... affraid to touch or kiss Mrs. Goonsdad for fear of spreading???. I cant smile without skin cracking just outside my nose. However i was able to drink a beer without any real issues:sauced:. So along that line... Mrs. Goonsdad had mono a month ago, I had my 1st alergic reaction 3 weeks ago and now again... love tinkering with the lures... but love Mrs. Goonsdad more... been a long"fun" month... he said very sarcastically.
  5. Sounds goofy I know, but has anyone had any "break outs" after using Minwax sealer/ hardener? I am trying to narrow down where this is coming from. I have some spots on my arm where I felt the microscopic drops hit, that I understand, but its also around my nose and mouth and I am wondering if just the fumes alone that I am that alergic to. By no means was I sniffing... just painting it on a piece of wood. The garage door was open and a nice air movement. Either that or my shaving cream.. but I have shaved several times since the first time this happened and didn't break out. The first time I just chocked it up to stressful day at work... but no stress lately. Not trying to bash Minwax, If it is, then I have to go about things differently. Thanks folks

    what has more effect on action lip size shape or angle

    Big Bass Water has the same principles as air. The shape of an airplane wing controls lift, drop and drag. So the answer is probably all the above. Having a lip just slightly out of kilter may affect a lot of movement or lack there of. I know that really doesn't help much much in solving your dilemna.

    Does anyone else.....

    I have 4 Fishing Mag subscriptions... and I usually just stare at the lure ads... Is this our idea of "Lure Porn"

    Any homemade lure making machines?

    Vodkaman, My saliva glands go nuts with the thoughts of a bloody mary from some neat bar up near Spart Wisconsin. ........ sorry lost my train of thought. I agree that the intial cut with the side cutting would have to be thought out well. I was thinking that if you had the "pattern" have a slope on the "feed in" to the body so that it was a gradual cut versus just dropping it into the body and having your wood "shoot your eye out" when it popped out. Obviously that is time wasted ... time is money.. money is competition. Gotta go dinner bell just rang:twocents:

    Any homemade lure making machines?

    what kind of finish does this give? would the finish be smoother using a router with say.. 3/8" dia bit or smaller being perpindicular to the the wood? I just started throwing it on solidworks.... but the "honey do list" is growing with the nice weather.


    KelpKritter, Try this hopefully they can help you. Its who I use for bags and the like. Clear Tubes

    Sealing Baits

    Palm... Do you dip the baits or paint on the proprionate? how many layers?? I'm just trying to get an idea of time involved. tanx

    Props for PVC

    Sorry For The Ignorance Here But Does This Stuff Cut Well On A Lathe?

    Hello from Mosul, Iraq

    Thank you for your service, God Bless and God Speed.. "Follow Me!"

    Crankbait machine for sale

    amen.. a man with his priorities in-line. It does go fast. I seemed to have had a time warp... I could have sworn my twin boys were 10 just yesterday, now 17 and just made there first long drive down to Al. to see my brother. Is there abilities to make different shapes and sizes with the machine? Change out blades??? or tooling?

    Crankbait machine for sale

    On The line, Just out of curiosity why are you selling the machine? Looked like you do great work with it. Goon