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  1. Anyone Developed a Weedless Underspin Yet?

    Here is a mod that I did to the weighted hook mold. For heavier weights, I was able to get the bottom bouncer mold to work. Not sure it it will work for your application, but I hope it leads to a solution for you.
  2. Zeiners

    Yes! Zeiners is the best! Low prices, honest shipping charges and excellent customer service. Dave
  3. Chatterbait "hunting"

    I bend mine back from the snap holes about 10 or so degrees
  4. Custom molds

    Check with Josh from AI molds
  5. Colors for soft plastics

    Ispikeit has some nice colors.
  6. Skinny swimbait mold?

    How big a bait are you looking for?
  7. Color

    I agree with the others- stay away from craft store glitter for now. If you keep an eye on ebay, sometimes guys quit pouring and offer up mixed lots of supplies.
  8. Wanted:Kiwi Powder Pigment

    I was going to tell you that LC has it but I checked their site and it is not listed- is it no longer available?
  9. Ultra Molds

    That's great- always nice to meet fellow bait makers in-state! Dave
  10. Ultra Molds

    Hey Tigar, where in Michigan are you? I am in the KZO area. Dave
  11. Columbia Coatings For Powder Painting

    I have good luck with their powders, but the veins seem to need regular dipping to get good veining. Otherwise it seems to be too light a coating using the fluid bed.
  12. Flick Shake

    I have Del's and like it. I have no experience with the bt mold.
  13. Making Bitzy Bugs ?

    Have a look at the walleye jighead. But you will need to modify it to accept a weedguard- not too tough if you can use a wire
  14. Lake Weed Control

    On our lake the invasives were getting out of hand, so we elected to spray. It kills the bite for a while but I think it will be better for the lake over time. I think the copper is to control algae. They just sprayed that last week so there was a bunch of algae floating around.
  15. Flake In Black Worms

    I found that injecting senkos gave better flake surface presence than hand pouring- just an observation.