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  1. Long Lake Lures

    Straight Shakee blades vs. Bent

    I bend mine down at the holes for the snap connection. This gives a nice smooth chatter and will pop out to either side with a jerk of the rod tip.
  2. Long Lake Lures

    Keep getting incomplete pours

    Contact Do-it customer service- they may have a solution- you are probably not the only one having this problem.
  3. Long Lake Lures

    Injecting detailed molds

    Sounds like you may have a venting issue. Did you purchase the mold new? if so, I would discuss with the mold maker. If you bought it used, you may want to post a picture so that other members can provide input based on their experience with it.
  4. Long Lake Lures

    LureWorks Colorants

    I like Lureworks colorants, especially their Watermelon and their Shrimp Brown. I also like Lurecraft colorants as well.
  5. Long Lake Lures

    Oiling Your Injector?

    When my injectors get stiff, I use a few drops of whatever (oil based) scent I am using. This provides enough lube to smooth it out.
  6. Long Lake Lures

    Ultra minnow spinnerbait mold

    You might try adding a spacer in the mold to open it up a little to provide more venting. I stick a piece of masking tape on one of the contact surfaces for this.
  7. Long Lake Lures

    Dead on plastix

    I'm using the medium and soft. Seems OK so far.
  8. Long Lake Lures

    5" FLUKES

    You will probably get 10 baits with a cup of plastic. you determine the amount of salt to add to get the weight and behavior you need. I would start with medium and get some softener so you can adjust as needed. Hope this helps.
  9. Long Lake Lures

    Anyone Developed a Weedless Underspin Yet?

    Here is a mod that I did to the weighted hook mold. For heavier weights, I was able to get the bottom bouncer mold to work. Not sure it it will work for your application, but I hope it leads to a solution for you.
  10. Long Lake Lures


    Yes! Zeiners is the best! Low prices, honest shipping charges and excellent customer service. Dave
  11. Long Lake Lures

    Chatterbait "hunting"

    I bend mine back from the snap holes about 10 or so degrees
  12. Long Lake Lures

    Custom molds

    Check with Josh from AI molds
  13. Long Lake Lures

    Colors for soft plastics

    Ispikeit has some nice colors.
  14. Long Lake Lures

    Skinny swimbait mold?

    How big a bait are you looking for?
  15. Long Lake Lures


    I agree with the others- stay away from craft store glitter for now. If you keep an eye on ebay, sometimes guys quit pouring and offer up mixed lots of supplies.