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  1. Good luck and keep asking questions. I have learned so much from these guys and you can never ask a question that hasnt been asked before. Go to the search and live there for awhile. I spend most of my time in the archives. I asked some questions about lip alignment. Got my answers and solved part of my problem. Things like square the table on the band saw, use a finger nail file to make corrections, using a laser light is no good if the center line on the lip aint there. The list goes on. The guys here are experts so I depend on what they say a great deal. On the other hand its like my grandson tells me "Me do it meself Paw Paw" I like to learn by my mistakes so that when I make another mistake just like the previous one, I aint confused.
  2. I do the same thing Mark and I keep a small glass container that came with the set filled with Windex / water solution. I run a little through the gun before and after every session. No problems as of yet. I really need a new gun but cant make up my mind so I'll just keep cleaning the one I have.
  3. Firechief


    I would tend to lean to the frog or shad colors. Grey Ghost ... for what reason did you say all black?
  4. For me ... about 10 a week if the wife dont get mad or something dont blow up or burn.
  5. Looks great from here I too am a neophyte builder and I have found there is no shortage of knowledge here. It wont be too long that I will have my first baits painted. Im in the middle of testing right now but it wont be too long. Maybe by Christmas
  6. Great thought I was wondering myself. This could be what I need to do in the morning. I noticed some of my store baits will list if I burn em back. I dont know why I all of a sudden want to zip the bait back. I guess thought that if I could do that then I would have a good bait. My thinking is more shallow than the bait runs. By the way, the bait just plows up a storm on the bottom. As of now with the help of the guru's here, I have eliminated most of the flop. Now at regular retrieve the bait looks to the left a bit and then to the right. It comes back straight enough and has no roll whatsoever. I think that I will let'er dance and see if the fish bite. The adjustments I have made were: Tuned to the best of my ability , re-ajusted the ballast by a very small amount. Changed hook sizes up one size on the front, Bait doesnt sink now and looks left / right on normal retrieve. This bait is one that I am not going to just burn on retrival anyway so I am not too upset that I cant. I love the action because I feel that steady thump - thump coming back. Now to decide what color scheme. Will post when I can.
  7. I added a little weight and it sank right off and the list got worse. I may have to file off some weight and just tinker with it until I'm satisfied. The weight is at the apex of the bottom so I think Im in good shape there. I may make some adjustments on the lip... maybe. Then again it could be that UKEY 28 has a good point and just let'er dance a little bit. Gone to the shed....
  8. Thanks for all the info. This is the very reason that I read the forum almost every day. I will look into every suggetion and hope to build a better bait on the next one. I was wondering how to get an accurate center line on the lip and Little river helped me there. Thanks. As simple as that was to do and I didnt think of that. No wonder I have run into burning buildings instead of running out like everyone else for the past 30 years. I plan to adjust the weight first by adding a little just forward of the belly weight. I am afraid to adjust the lip just yet. Another thing is that I need to plan my bait a little better like Bob suggested "target lenghts / weights". This has been so helpful. Cant wait to start the next one.
  9. There is an issue for sure. I took the protective covering off when I cut the lip. I incorrectly stated that I cut the lip with a band saw . I did use the tin snips and a Dremel to fashion the lip like I was instructed to do by BobP (great method for sure). I believe the problem lies in the layout of the lip. I used a store bought lip and just traced it out and went to cutting and sanding without regard to a center line on the lip. I will start with a square piece of Lexan and est. a center line first on the next one. Thanks for the info on sighting down the center line. The biggest problem I have now is not the left / right fit but making sure the lip is sitting "level" on the corners. Is there a way to test this?
  10. Thanks RaybornGuy I have checked the angles and symetry of the lip and it seems to be ok as far as my eyes can tell. I am going to re-align the laser lite to cross check what I have done already I did adjust the tie line and it runs much better now. It still wants to just "flip" to the left but it recovers quickly. The hardest thing for me to do is the alignment of the lip. I use a center line on top and the sides and a small laser lite that I shoot right down the middle of the back until it runs the center line of the lip (assuming the lip is square). I cut the bait and the lip with a band saw before I sanded it out to final form. I have made adjustments to the top and lower blocks as well as to the track of the blade on the wheels. I also checked the back bearings top and bottom. Blade tension was set according to manfg. I also checked the table for square to the blade. I think that I should double check to make sure the ballast hole is centered top to bottom. The first bits I used were not very good bits and had some run out. I solved that issue with some quality brad point bits and lowered my drill speed. I also made a jig to hold my bait so the drill would be as square as possible. Also checked the quill for wobble. In fact all I did yesterday was checked out machines and alignments. I can fish the lure for sure with no problem at nornmal retrieve. I just wanted it to be as perfect as I could get it. I tend to "fiddle around" with getting everything perfect while messing things up in the process. I was told that even a few store bought lures can flip and slide around at different speeds. Will re-examine lure again and make a report of progress. Thanks to all who have shared so much knowledge. Chief
  11. Got it now Still cant just zoom it back without some flopping around but I am satisfied. Thanks for the info Might post a pic after I get it painted ... maybe
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