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  1. mark twain

    IMG 3605 2

    6 cm , balsa, foiled, sinking .... designed for pike/pearch
  2. mark twain

    IMG 3611

    6 cm rattling lure - suspending ; first european pike caught at this lure ... even a small , I was happy and impressed by its colour ; I weighted a little bit more to have a better stability
  3. mark twain

    IMG 3587 2 micsorat

    my latest rattling lures for european pike - 6 cm, balsa, foiled, floating
  4. mark twain

    IMG 3261

    hand made, balsa, 6 cm, 10 grams, silent & rattling - this is the third series , not top coated yet ; will be launched on the water on weekend .... hope in some pikes
  5. mark twain

    IMG 3237

    after 1st top coat , lenght 4-7,5 cm, weight 5-18 grams, balsa, foiled, rattling and silent ; everything is home made including the eyes
  6. foiled, balsa , 6 cm , 12 grams, spray painted - it is designed to fish pike and pearch pikes in deep waters
  7. mark twain

    Special project

    you are crazy ..... nice ideea ... I am sure it will catch fish
  8. mark twain

    IMG 2476

    Hi, indeed at such small lures even a 0,1 grams, a smaller or bigger lip , etc can cause major problems in action ! this ones are made in such way when they sink to move side to side with no tension line ; this is making fish to strike when the lures sinks as is a plus of vibration in comparation with other lures !
  9. mark twain

    IMG 2489

    thanks guys .... they are 2,5 cm long not 5 cm as is written ; typing error
  10. mark twain

    IMG 2489

    another from the last series of 10
  11. mark twain

    IMG 2476

    1 from the last series of 10
  12. mark twain

    IMG 2381

    I should do a better job if I will use an airgraf ! I am painting my lures with auto spray . I think it is easy for everybody to do small lures ... only a little bit patience and is done
  13. mark twain

    IMG 2381

    thanks Ben , I make smaller lures then those posted ; can you imagine a lure at 1 cm ?
  14. mark twain

    IMG 2368

    any store who sells painting tools ; you need to ask industrial acetone ! with normal acetone like nails cleaning you can't melt the ping pong ball ;
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