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  1. Will the Pac Bay epoxy mixer that Mudhole sells work well with Etex? Has anyone tried this? I've tried to search for my answer with no luck.
  2. Good, I was hoping so. Thanks Ben! Good, I was hoping so. Thanks Ben!
  3. I am using Createx colors. I would like to shoot with transparent black but all I have is opaque black. Can I add some Createx transparent bases. I read that it is used to increase transparency but will it be ineffective on an opaque color? Does anybody have experience with this? Thanks in advance.
  4. thanks for the followup Mark
  5. Did you ever get a good comparison on these?
  6. awesome! Great idea to use a sharpie for those lines!
  7. luke1wcu

    Threadfin Shad Decal

    I think that looks better than most photo/foils I've seen. Great idea!
  8. is that britebak or regular aluminum foil? Did you have trouble foiling around the contours of the fat free shad or was it about as straight forward as the rattle baits? btw, the are awesome!!!
  9. luke1wcu

    Live Gizzar Shad3.jpg

    Awesome! Fat Free Shad, right? What did you use to foil? Did you have trouble with creases when applying the foil or did it lay pretty flat first try? I've been wanting to foil some Deep Little N's. Great blending too!
  10. think I'll give this stuff a try. thanks!
  11. airbrushextreme, I went to System Three's web site to look around and am not sure exactly what product you are talking about. Hoping you could tell me which you use. They seem to have many different types. I may try this stuff out. thanks!
  12. thanks Bob. I seem to be finding more and more reasons to take that next step and start looking into DN...at least for some of my projects it seems like the way to go.
  13. I'm wondering if I paint and coat a Lucky Craft slender pointer 97mr in etex, will it add too much weight and ruin its ability to suspend...? Anybody have any experience with this? I'm always afraid to take chances with $15 baits.
  14. are these Yo-zuri or Xcalibur? They came out great!
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