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  1. basscatlildave

    Hard Packing

    Me also but I wanted to make sure something would not happen if stainless nuts just stayed in the plastisol. Thanks guys.
  2. basscatlildave

    Hard Packing

    I know that you can add a small nut to your colors to help them mix up. Since I don't get to play with my plastics enough could I add some in it to help it mix up better when I shake it ?
  3. basscatlildave

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year
  4. basscatlildave

    Finally shot my first soft plastics today...

    Great job. I'm also really new at this and my first mold was that Wutz-it. It makes a great bait. Your colors look awesome.
  5. basscatlildave

    Cool video

    Cool video
  6. basscatlildave

    Hello from Montana

  7. basscatlildave

    Heat stabilizer question

    I'm no expert by no means but I do a lot of remelts as I've been saving plastics for years. I always add stabilizer when I remelt.
  8. basscatlildave

    Cheapest Bait Coloring?!?

    I'm damn sure new at this but have a few different brands I got on some package deals thru here and there. I like the X2 colorants from Do-It.
  9. basscatlildave

    5in fluke molds

    This one maybe
  10. basscatlildave

    Tip Top adhesive

    I've only used the tip-top adhesive but I'm sure that Devcon would turn loose with heat. My only worry would be how hot you have to get the Devcon to release.
  11. basscatlildave

    Inharited my grandfathers fishing tackel box

    Cool Stuff.
  12. basscatlildave

    3D Printed molds

    Those 3D molds look awesome.
  13. basscatlildave

    Here is a good, metal free, divided cup

    That is a neat idea.
  14. basscatlildave

    First Jigs Ever!

    Very nice
  15. basscatlildave

    How to wrap jigs with Guido Hibdon

    Thanks for sharing.