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  1. I'm damn sure new at this but have a few different brands I got on some package deals thru here and there. I like the X2 colorants from Do-It.
  2. This one maybe https://store.do-itmolds.com/Wutz-It-Forktail--5--4-Cavity_p_1245.html
  3. I've only used the tip-top adhesive but I'm sure that Devcon would turn loose with heat. My only worry would be how hot you have to get the Devcon to release.
  4. Those 3D molds look awesome.
  5. I’ve lived here all my life and the little desiccant bags work great. Also a light mist of WD40 will do it too.
  6. I'm on the other side of the fence. I really think I need or want a duel injector.
  7. basscatlildave

    Injection Molds

    I would be interested in the dual injector if you decide to split it up.
  8. I haven’t received mine yet but did look online and saw a lot of new offerings.
  9. I have some old stuff that I use for dark baits. It turns reddish when it turns over.
  10. Merry Christmas to y’all. Have a wonderful and safe holiday season with family and friends.
  11. I also like snaps. I'm fast to change a crankbait for a different color and this makes it easy.
  12. Happy Thanksgiving to all the TU family.
  13. My squaw love to fish a Zoom Horny Toad. Does anyone have a mold like it? If not then what do ya'll like to use?
  14. Does unused plastosol have a shelf life?
  15. I second this. I've poured lead a long time too and just now getting into plastics.
  16. Thanks for adding Us to that.
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