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  1. Hi Everyone, Newbie From Australia

    Welcome aboard !
  2. Pete, hi... Drop me a line when you get a know the addy..

  3. Happy B-day Milia.Have a great day.

  4. Happy birthday Milia.

  5. Hazmail

    Pete, you know who my #1 is....
  6. More pikes to the peoples

  7. Hazmail

    Thanks V-baby, I looked at the posts trying to see if he had been active but must have missed it. I was worried he'd been washed downstream. Thanks again, and like I've always said, your the best! Milia
  8. Hazmail

    Just wondering if anyones heard from Hazmail/ Pete from Austrailia...with all the flooding over there I was hoping he's OK
  9. "Peacock- Scuttle BUG" with GATOR EYES

    If that doesn't catch a Peacock Bass nothing will!
  10. Here's Some of My Work

    Pretty darn nice!
  11. another rat

    The floating worm for the tail is genius ....great job!
  12. another rat

    The floating worm for the tail is genius ....great job!
  13. Hoo-ray!

    About 9 months ago I "lost" a bag with about 25 hand carved crank bait and top water lures I had carved by hand... Yesterday while searching for Weinachten (Christams) decorations I found them in a box that had made it's way out to one of my out buildings.... Hoo-Ray!,,, Now I can finally get to work on finishing "my babies"
  14. Happy Birthday Vodkaman

    Dave, love ya. But I wouldn't live in any city whose name contains the word DUNG ! lol
  15. Happy Birthday Vodkaman

    For some reason I envisioned you living on the beach in a grass hut and sleeping in a hammock .