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  1. WOW The golden one might be a killer in my waters.
  2. gobo1980

    Brown trout

    Wow thats awesome! Have u tested him in the water yet? What kind of material are the fins made off? Dont u fear that they may break, if they touch one of the billions swedish rocks in the water? br Seb
  3. gobo1980

    Baby pike vol 2

    Wow they are awesome. Great paintjob!
  4. gobo1980

    Crappie 1.JPG

    Awsome! Did you have tested the lure in the water yet?
  5. gobo1980

    batch of roach´s

    You´re welcome. I´ve tested 'em today. They are reallyeasy to cast and you can place 'em precisely into the goal Best regards Seastian
  6. gobo1980

    batch of roach´s

    Thanks for the flowers @ Douglas they are made of beech wood and those are slow sinking glider. I used stainlees screw eyes and painted them all with createx auto air colors. I didnt used any foil for. They are approx 6.5" long and weighs 3oz.
  7. gobo1980

    Rainbow trout jerkbait

    Really nice paint job! I like it!
  8. gobo1980

    The Big Rear End Detail

    Wow, what an eye catcher ;-)
  9. gobo1980


    @Pikeminded thx for your detailed answer and for the plenty of tip´s. I have a fluffy toy shop here, where I´ll go to have a look for these eyes. Great job again! Best regards from Germany
  10. gobo1980


    Wow, looks great! Where did you get those eyes?
  11. gobo1980


    Hi Claes, damn, thats a funny but functional drying dock. I love to fish with ur lures. Especially the LKJ. BG Seb
  12. gobo1980

    Batch of 7" Perch

    Thank you guys! @ solar it was just a little accident. The pot with glitter slipped out of my hands
  13. gobo1980

    Crank and a deep diver

    Amazing again Johan! How long are they?
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