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  1. WOW The golden one might be a killer in my waters.
  2. gobo1980

    Brown trout

    Wow thats awesome! Have u tested him in the water yet? What kind of material are the fins made off? Dont u fear that they may break, if they touch one of the billions swedish rocks in the water? br Seb
  3. gobo1980

    Baby pike vol 2

    Wow they are awesome. Great paintjob!
  4. gobo1980

    Crappie 1.JPG

    Awsome! Did you have tested the lure in the water yet?
  5. gobo1980

    batch of roach´s

    You´re welcome. I´ve tested 'em today. They are reallyeasy to cast and you can place 'em precisely into the goal Best regards Seastian
  6. gobo1980

    batch of roach´s

    Thanks for the flowers @ Douglas they are made of beech wood and those are slow sinking glider. I used stainlees screw eyes and painted them all with createx auto air colors. I didnt used any foil for. They are approx 6.5" long and weighs 3oz.
  7. gobo1980

    Rainbow trout jerkbait

    Really nice paint job! I like it!
  8. gobo1980

    The Big Rear End Detail

    Wow, what an eye catcher ;-)
  9. gobo1980


    @Pikeminded thx for your detailed answer and for the plenty of tip´s. I have a fluffy toy shop here, where I´ll go to have a look for these eyes. Great job again! Best regards from Germany
  10. gobo1980


    Wow, looks great! Where did you get those eyes?
  11. gobo1980


    Hi Claes, damn, thats a funny but functional drying dock. I love to fish with ur lures. Especially the LKJ. BG Seb
  12. gobo1980

    Batch of 7" Perch

    Thank you guys! @ solar it was just a little accident. The pot with glitter slipped out of my hands
  13. gobo1980

    Crank and a deep diver

    Amazing again Johan! How long are they?
  14. gobo1980

    Batch of 7" Perch

    Made of Oak wood, very nice action. Tried to keep them natural as possible for me and my current skills.
  15. gobo1980

    6" Bait fish

    slow sinking, made of Oak, very lively action
  16. gobo1980

    new stuff 2

    I do agree with that!
  17. gobo1980

    last batch of jerk baits

    Thank you Johan. But I need still a lot of time, to make them so perfect as yours are.
  18. gobo1980

    7" Perch

    Thanks a lot guys Looking forward to see your perch Mikko.
  19. gobo1980

    t-boy crank 28

    Wow Magnus! They are great!
  20. gobo1980


    Grip: calf and stingray leather Seat: self made, out of Macassar wood and aluminium Reel: painted with pearl white and Porsche brown
  21. gobo1980

    7" Perch

    First attempt to build a perch. This lure is 7" long and weighs 5oz. Its a slow sinker.
  22. gobo1980

    10" Golden Shiner

    Wow, what a nice lure! Did you use glas eyes?
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