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  1. Need help finding a craw mold

    Hello guys and gals can anyone tell me where to find this craw molds thanks
  2. Norman Crankbait Flake Help

    Thanks guys , I post pics when finished
  3. Norman Crankbait Flake Help

    Can't believe it , got pics up lol
  4. Norman Crankbait Flake Help

  5. Norman Crankbait Flake Help

    10/4 thanks will take one . May have to wait until wife gets home to post it though lol
  6. Norman Crankbait Flake Help

    Ok guys , can ya'll help me on the flakes used on the Norman crankbait rainbow color . I see small red on belly , small green on top , but all over the sides is another flake . Looks holigraphic , any help would be awesome thanks
  7. Lil jewel

    Lil jewel in a three color
  8. Salt For Packing Question

    Thanks guys will give a try , no oil just salt ?
  9. Salt For Packing Question

    I know this is the right place to ask , what salt is used in the packing of robo worms and I believe Paul using something like it also , it's a fine salt . Is it just a little fine salt and no oil ??? Help , thanks in advance
  10. Big Ring Worm Mold Needed

    thanks guys, i check them out
  11. Disco Green Help ! Please

    Ok guys and gals , i am trying to pour some disco green baits, problem is I can not find the right flake .I bought disco green and disco purple flakes and they both flakes clump together as soon it hits the plastic , also the disco green looks great in the flake bag but no where close in the plastic . Any pointers would be a big help, thanks in advance
  12. Big Ring Worm Mold Needed

    Hay guys , i am need of a big ring worm mold , 5 1/2 to 6 inch's long and about the size of a 2nd grader pencils around . Does anyone how where , who , and if i can buy the molds.thanks guys
  13. 4.5 hollow swimbait

    Looking for someone to pour me in bulk 4.5 and 3.5 swimbaits , if anyone can help that would be great ,
  14. 4.5 Swimbaits Needs

    Sorry did not know
  15. 4.5 Swimbaits Needs

    Hay guys , I am in need of 4.5 hollow body swimbaits poured for me , van anybody help me ? Need them in straight clear plastic , thanks in advance