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  1. bild

    basstarrd 2

    You are the master
  2. bild

    New Jerkbait

    Hier ists ja noch unschärfer als im AB
  3. bild

    dt 10 craw

    Looks great ( a little bit like a snake)!!
  4. bild

    10" Golden Shiner

    Nice !!
  5. Hello from Germany

    I'm realy fascinated about your lure building skills but i have one question wich I can't answer me. How do you make the scales with your aluminium foil?

    When you can answer me I would be really happy.

    You can watch at my Hompage when you want ;) (

    Sorry for my bad English.

    With regards


  6. bild


    Hello from Germany. I'm 14 and i build lures. The most time Jerkbaits. What can you say me about this video. Which machine use the guy? best regards Niki