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  1. Defective Blanks

    The whole point to revealing a vendor who cannot come to grips with the fact he may have provided inferior product absolutely deserves a call out especially if he flat out refuses to discuss the matter, the simple fact he never had issues with that blank tells me he does not look at the product just counts and ships or worse and is just a middle man who does not even touch the product, this is not about degrading someone on the forum it is educating the unsuspecting that they may choose to look elsewhere so I'll digress and ask where then should this be posted as it's clear that the OP is not interested in a good ole internet donnybrook just a little consideration and discussion about a substandard product.
  2. Thermo Couple parts list?

    You can try Chris Archer over at ultra molds he had a hand I think with this system if anything he can probably source them for you
  3. Airbrush paint booth

    No the vapor from those chemicals is what is the hazard as recommended I would cease using that setup immediately and go with the fan in the window if the distance is not good enough with that I wouldn't even do that if you're wearing a respirator you should be fine for the few days it will take to get the right setup
  4. AVID BASS TACKLE... Bad biz practice

    I agree that's why the op updated the post, unfortunately he was forced to do so, I sure would like to know to make a informed decision I can assure you if somebody wants a mold he's selling their going for it but at least they know the risk and to be quite honest I may be wrong but I don't remember ever reading an apology post from any vendor called out so it speaks volumes with how they operate and take my word for it the fanboy's have already informed him of this thread so the possibility of not knowing is slim to none!
  5. AVID BASS TACKLE... Bad biz practice

    The title was and is still valid its what happened and anyone who clicks on it will surely read the entire thread to find the outcome and it is a reminder to any who think its ok to take someone's hard earned money and go off radar that there will be a heavy price to pay!
  6. Createx Airbrush Thinning?

    Yep and on some brushes they are a matched set adding to the cost
  7. Createx Airbrush Thinning?

    Glycerin in a homebrew is acting as a "wetting or flow agent" or surfactant which aids in paint flow in your AB artists sometimes use it as an extender for acrylic paint, as stated I also use it as a lube, I have 1 bottle that I left the seal on I pushed my needle through it and after spraying and cleaning I insert the needle into it and reassemble works like a charm and it is pre applied for the next session. And yes I treat my AB's like fine instruments as they are.
  8. Createx Airbrush Thinning?

    The stuff ain't cheap I think I would find an alternative I use a mix of simple green distilled water and it works fine for cleaning I use a medical bottle with the bottom fed straw you just squeeze the bottle to fill the cup
  9. createx

    HPR is what I changed to it has tip dry additives as stated and it just plain works I know your not going full blown here but be mindful that water as a reducer although can work it can also cause issues unforeseen such as breaking the film property of your paint there is a threshold that paint has concerning additives as the saying goes too much of a good thing
  10. AVID BASS TACKLE... Bad biz practice

    Um I would not give it a second thought your money is as good as anyone else if they don't have the decency to contact you then it is what it is.
  11. High Capacity Air Brush

    The talon has a fan spray nozzle that can be installed on their siphon fed A/B that would reduce the waste but I have not really used it yet to confirm it's performance. And if I rember correctly it is a .66 needle/nozzle combo
  12. Best Airbrushing Equipment for Mass Production

    Yes several A/B's and yes you can shoot right from the bottle there are special caps for that or you can shoot from a bottle of your choosing they come in different sizes
  13. Best Airbrushing Equipment for Mass Production

    Siphon fed is what your seeking most brands sell them it all depends upon your preference just remember they take more time switching colors and cleaning so the rule here would be to have several, one for primer and then a few for the colors you plan on using also remember that they require more PSI to operate which can be a bugger when trying to do detail work so don't ditch your Talon.
  14. Airbrush repair?

    It has been awhile but I remember reading that you can tweak the seal by removing the back of the brush and down inside you can use a screwdriver to adjust it also you may want to get a bottle of airbrush restorer stuff works great for breaking up old dried paint that can cause issues. I think the site was named dons airbrush tips he may have touched on it.
  15. Iwata Eclipse

    Have 2 excellent brush