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  1. blankman

    Swirl baits

    Am interested to know how many lure makers do a swirl type paint pattern? I have done mine for over 10 years and they sell very well! It's a pain in the ass type of process for me, but the interest with my clients is worth it. Thanks, Todd
  2. That handle looks amazing! NICE WORK! I could cast all day with that baby! Looks kinda like a fish, too!
  3. 9" Floating Musky Frog... Custom hand carved upper body, turned and shaped jointed legs. Each piece is hand-dipped in my special Hines Swirl pattern, 5 colors. Dipping is tougher than most other painting... gotta be just right or you start all over! Weedless 5/0 belly hook. Works WONDERFULLY with a cool clacking sound from the joints...Thanks folks! Todd Fortini
  4. Thanks a million, Daniel... sure appreciate it! Feel free to get in touch anytime... I've been making lures for 38 years and can't keep up with demand, as I make everything with my own two 50 year old hands, which look like 80 yr old hands... :-) but I love it! Thanks again, buddy!
  5. 5 hook old style Underwater Minnow in 5" Musky size with 4 belly weights, glass eyes, LPO hooks and hardware, 3 heavy coats of Euro X Urethane, fully fishable! Handpainted/finished in Spotted Ape by Todd Fortini, Columbus, Indiana
  6. Got mine at Menards...it's a Performax mini lathe, and i have turned about 18,000 blanks with it so far and it's still going strong. Nice features like all cast metal, variable speed control, etc... and about 120 bucks. I make lure blanks for people all over the world, and trust this little mighty max. Good luck!
  7. Gary, they are nice guns to use, and are accurate. I "water down" my paints (I use lacquers for color) for small work...spots and lines. I use Campbell Hausfelds toner guns, but there are several good ones on the market. You need to look for a few things when considering this type of spray gun. 1) is it all metal... no plastic! 2) can you buy extra cups for the gun. Also, does it have both a fan spray adjustment as well as an "amount spray" knob. The only stipulation is that you need an air compressor to use them. Not just a small airbrush compressor. These guns use too much air. I use a Craftsman 33 gallon... cost me about 280 bucks, but does the job very well for everything that I use, be it big spray guns, toner guns, air brushes, air orbital palm sanders (for use in making wooden lure blanks), etc... and it plugs into the wall socket at 120 volts. Oh, and I wanted to clear up my last reply. I don't sell the toner guns all over the world, just my lure blanks... sorry for any confusion. :)Todd
  8. I have painted lures for many years, and have several automotive type "toner" or "touchup" spray guns that work excellently, and are only about $30 each. They are a breeze to clean, and you can get additional cups to store different colors in. This type of "mini spray gun" can spray a small amount (close to an airbrush) like lines and dots, too. Have fun, and if you need any wooden lure blanks to practice on, I sell these all over the world.... blankman
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