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  1. I have some swimbaits to paint that are weighted very precisely. Which would change the sink rate more painting or wrapping?
  2. BrownPigs

    giant hooks

    I am making a gift for my dad. It is going to be like those giant decorative rapala baits you can buy but of his favorite bait and favorite color. Where do I get hooks for something like that?
  3. where can I find a different mold than the do it ones that are long and skinny? I want round or pear shaped ones
  4. Has anyone ever tried their fishing lure painting starter kit?
  5. Is anyone building custom rattles for their baits. I would like make a swimbait with a big one knocker but not sure how to do it.
  6. I am looking for any advice/trick to get a better adhesion between my paint and resin. I always wipe my baits down with denatured alcohol before I paint them and they are completely demolded. So I am not having any bubbling problems. 1) is there a certain kind of primer that is far better? 2) Does heating the bait up in the oven right before painting make a big difference? 3) is there some other chemical I should be applying before painting? 4) any other tips is much appreciated
  7. I have seen several pictures of spraybooths. Does anyone have any info on the advantages, how they work, and how to build one or where to buy one? Here is some pictures of one
  8. I have used HS1, HS2, and HS3 and the HS3 definitely last the longest but it still ends up breaking over time. It is also so soft. I don't feel like I get as consistent of baits using it because of the resin with microballons expanding.
  9. I have used Oomoo and Alumilite but it doesn't seem they last very long before they start breaking. I have some baits with moderate undercuts and chucks of the mold start to break off. What can I do to decrease the number of molds I have to make? Is there a product product that works better? Is it possible to use aluminum mold with resin?
  10. Someone has to be molding everything into their baits? everyone can't me drilling everything in after the bait is poured like me.
  11. That is my question... how is the best way to go about making a harness for the weight and how should I conducts my mold to ensure the same position each time?
  12. I have some multi joint swibaits that I think are coming along pretty well that I am making out of resin. Currently I pour the bait then I drill in the space for the weights and put in the screw eyes etc. I was wondering how to set up a mold so that I molded everything into the bait.... at the very least to mold the weights in? Thank you
  13. Thanks, that helps alot. One more question. When you do large eyes like that they will still be mostly flattened. Anyone know how to makes eyes that big but basically have them be half a sphere. Looking to get a really buggy look. Almost like if I was to cut a marble in half kind of thickness.
  14. BrownPigs

    Making Eyes

    I am looking for some info on making eyes. I want to make some big eyes for some of my swimbaits and make them in a bunch of different colors. Has anyone made custom eyes say anywhere from 6 mm to 12mm eyes? What material do I use?
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