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  1. SF true smelt

    Those look awesome.
  2. image009 1

    I may have a extra mold. Let me try it and see how it functions next week. Not going to be cheap though.
  3. Do-it style 9 shad 1/2 and 3/4 modifying

    The 6/0 7/0 and 8/0 is easy to bend. I cut the end finger off glove. Stick the bend and point in the glove. Put cutters on the eye and bend forward. The bottom part of the cutter goes on the shank and the top goes against the eye.
  4. airbrushed soft baits

    It sticks really well.
  5. tualatin craw

    That's awesome.
  6. Bulk Bucktails?

    What size do you need? I can do them with a black nickel mustad.
  7. Custom tube makers

    I'm doing a custom 10 cavity 6inch tube mold. It will have 4 sets of 10 fixed rods. That might make it worth doing them yourself. You could probably do more cavities if it's 4 inch.
  8. 7088D33D-D1B4-488F-9B42-82C2226E5B59.jpeg

    Those are awesome.
  9. RCBS Pro Melt Hot Pot Problem.

    I would make sure your mold has drop out mold release. Also leave the mold on the top of the pot over the lead to heat it up. The main issue is likely the temp of the mold. I have some very difficult collars to fill and generally if the pots turned all the way up and the pots hot I dont have any issues.
  10. preping lead heads before painting

    Likely temp/time issue in my opinion. Get a oven thermometer.
  11. Cleaning up the surface of aluminium moulds?

    The best thing to do would be coat it with I would heat the mold so it's warm and coat it a few times.
  12. Purchasing a Tekcast centrifugal spin caster

    If you're referring to mine it's a regular cnc mold. Don't want to do the spincast thing but I want to do a lot in a day.
  13. Purchasing a Tekcast centrifugal spin caster

    Sorry haven't been on. SolidWorks. It will have a channel running across the top connecting them all so they can be removed together.
  14. Purchasing a Tekcast centrifugal spin caster

    I'm working on a 40 cavity mold mold. I think I can keep up with a spin caster but time will tell.
  15. Tube head hook eye position HELP

    Thank you Smalljaw. Most guys are using a 5 inch canyon plastics gitzit. I've been making the nontappered doit tube head with a 90 degree thin wire 5/0 hook and it works. I was planning on using the 32786 60 degree flipping hook on this mold. Its similar in size to the thinner wire 5/0 ive been using. Also was planning on being able to use both in the mold if possible.