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  1. Topwaters

    Clear coat and dressed trebles, they chug, and walk the dog really well . Another fun project and successful The top lure is an older lure revisited
  2. 5" Topwater

    Everything close by is frozen so haven't had a chance to see , should have a good chug to it Thanks for the compliment !
  3. customised my rod

    Hawg perch, hawg
  4. 5" Topwater

    Molded and made cast with RC-3, sits tail down in water . Inspiration for head comes from a crappie 2.5 ounces and will fit with some size 1 treble hooks , rear dressed
  5. 20170602_083748.jpg

    Super clean and interesting about the wicked silver , well done sir !!
  6. High speed tooth ache

    Not often someone says they welded a lure, I like it and the name is perfect Very nice Tommy
  7. Bluegill

    Thank You , well said so much talent here I like what you have to offer with such great finesse baits , I will be spending time looking over your product Thanks Tommy
  8. Shad

  9. Bluegill

    I like how these turned out, Thanks to Lure Colour Studio and the videos I used his techniques to do this
  10. Jointed Crappie Swimbait

    This is a resin swimbait I designed , this one also has expanding foam for top 1/3 to make it a wake bait
  11. IMG-5980.JPG

    Money !! Awsome looking , I can't even pour a solid color yet
  12. Big Perch

    1.5 ounce spinnerbait for slow rolling in deep water
  13. Soft Skin Swimbait

    Another possible way to make this quite is to use dbl sided foam tape where the joints meet. That is too cool , butch rocks!!
  14. perch

    MONEY !!!!
  15. 007

    Awsome , I would like to see if you sell them too. send message