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  1. swimb8s

    20190816_195024 (1)

    Nice baits , always look forward to see your works ! Hope you get to feeling better too .
  2. Trailers can add bouancy and changes the profile , caught lots of fish with and without but tend to use a trailer . Split tails , paddle tails , swimbaits and even length of the skirt will effect how the trailer does and doesn't work They are an effective bait either way
  3. swimb8s


    1.5 with #8 Gamakatsu hooks
  4. swimb8s

    foiled shad

    Painted a few of these over the weekend, Thanks to Monte SS
  5. I have some very cheap and very expensive bobbins and they all work great with this thread , ( be careful while threading not to snag the thread itself ) Petitjean adjustable is one of my favorites .Sometimes while tying it's easy catch the hook point causing it to fray or when whip finishing the hook of the actual whip finisher can pull out a couple strands causing the same look or " blowout " . If you are a right hand tier as you lay down the thread wraps it begins to put a clockwise twist in , that helps to keep all the nylon together , when you don't want the build up of the corded thread spin counter clockwise to flatten out thread ,. Tightline videos will help , Hope this helps
  6. I use the nylon weed guards from the medium size ( 2 strands ) for the wacky rig hooks . 4 strands for the drop shot hooks and smaller finesse wide gap hooks . 1 ) Lay some thread wraps down for a base , flat thread keeps it looking nice and won't bulk up at hook eye . 2 ) Place weed guard material and wrap with flat thread as shown , whip finish with four or five wraps . 3 ) Bend back the fibers with finger to position them and trim to length , I hit the ends with a little heat to round off sharp edges . 4 ) Apply some Hard as Nails and let dry . I have found these can be bent, splayed , or positioned very easily and have held up for years and so easy to do .
  7. Clean design and neat ways to stay organized . Hollow brass tube and press fit to motor ?
  8. swimb8s

    Imposter and rainbow2.jpg

    Beautiful as always !
  9. Nice !! It reminded me that I need to pour some more Ultra Minnow jigs
  10. Feather Craft Fly Fishing has this, I think it's a great match
  11. swimb8s


    Clean details and great design , Should be a great fly all around , eat it ... eat it !
  12. Purchased a loon UV light and so far has cured all UV resins . Could be a UV wavelength problem or I'm a big dummy
  13. swimb8s

    2.5 hunters 4.jpg

    Thanks for sharing in detail and pics , I can finally wrap my head around this ,and the time invested . Tons of hard work you guys put into projects !!
  14. swimb8s

    3 perch.jpg

    Indeed !
  15. Amazing information , really annoying anymore to hear or see the pros on T.V. talk about how their lures are designed to hunt only to see the very typical crank bait doing the very predictable wobble . We are all excited to see what you come up with . It's funny how you say it could look " Weird " but we've all seen what this means in the fishing world , weird is the norm . Good Luck Tommy
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