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  1. swimb8s

    Making a rattling Colorado blade

    Have a Picture ? Maybe use some resin, pour into a Colorado blade Lay in rattle and let cure then pop out and foil tape the outside and clear coat ?
  2. swimb8s

    New foil and nail art pics in gallery

    Really nice work , lots of fish coming your way !
  3. swimb8s

    One Incredible Resource

    I learn something new here ALL the time , so much inspiration and admiration , thanks everyone for sharing your knowledge and passing it on
  4. swimb8s

    Heat transfer chrome

    They will look great I'm sure ! Going to look at tutorial right now, thanks for sharing
  5. swimb8s

    Ahhh, Yes, The Never Ending Craw Pattern

    All those crawdad patterns are amazing !! Great paint
  6. swimb8s

    More Gills.

    Geez those are clean , all your baits are nicely done !!
  7. swimb8s

    7 inch cedar gill

    Yep super nice , a lot of time spent on this beauty
  8. swimb8s

    First Crappie Paint

    Like this pattern , you are a workhorse for sure. Well done sir !
  9. swimb8s


    Clean work as always and nice profile
  10. swimb8s


    Clear coat and dressed trebles, they chug, and walk the dog really well . Another fun project and successful The top lure is an older lure revisited
  11. swimb8s


    Thanks Chuck, Your work is clean ( Really awesome sunfish , DM ) and the great advice you have to offer
  12. swimb8s


    You have been busy , all your paint looks great and I really like this scheme !! Keep the paint flying
  13. swimb8s

    Eat It !!

  14. swimb8s

    5" Topwater

    Molded and made cast with RC-3, sits tail down in water . Inspiration for head comes from a crappie 2.5 ounces and will fit with some size 1 treble hooks , rear dressed
  15. swimb8s

    5" Topwater

    Everything close by is frozen so haven't had a chance to see , should have a good chug to it Thanks for the compliment !
  16. swimb8s

    customised my rod

    Hawg perch, hawg
  17. swimb8s


    Super clean and interesting about the wicked silver , well done sir !!
  18. swimb8s

    High speed tooth ache

    Not often someone says they welded a lure, I like it and the name is perfect Very nice Tommy
  19. swimb8s


    I like how these turned out, Thanks to Lure Colour Studio and the videos I used his techniques to do this
  20. swimb8s


    Thank You , well said so much talent here I like what you have to offer with such great finesse baits , I will be spending time looking over your product Thanks Tommy
  21. swimb8s


  22. swimb8s


    The original Slammer on top . This was alot of fun to make and will try out this weekend
  23. swimb8s

    Jointed Crappie Swimbait

    This is a resin swimbait I designed , this one also has expanding foam for top 1/3 to make it a wake bait
  24. swimb8s


    Money !! Awsome looking , I can't even pour a solid color yet