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  1. I tried some of my powder coat that I use for my jigs mixed in with my hot plastic. I definitely got the color I was looking for, a solid florescent pink and orange. Has anyone else tried this and with what results? Does the colod hold up, fade out, etc. ?
  2. Thanks Cadman, buying 1ppct. Packs from Barlows just is not cost effective. If I find a good source I will let you know
  3. If you decide to sell the dbl. Dipper let me know. Thanks, Steve
  4. I recently purchased a Shawn Collins tube jig mold. It has a cavity to mold in a 5mm plastic rattles, Where can I buy these in bulk? Would like to purchase 1000pcs. Plus at a time.
  5. Call Andy's Tackle in Melvindale, Rich the owner is very helpful and has a great selection of molds and supplies If you have the time also check out Janns Netcraft in Maumee Ohio. About an hour south of Detroit, also has a huge selection of molds and supplies
  6. I love my Hagens bender. I have been using it for years
  7. Ive been pouring 4oz., 6oz. and 1 1/2 lb bottom bouncer and handline weights using the trolling sinker mold for years. Makes for a great weight, a little flash to trim off but not that big of a deal.
  8. Can i ask what rattles do you use(were from) and are you glueing them in or how do they stay attached? I could not tell from the pictures on his site. Thanks for the feedback!
  9. Im looking at the Collins tube jig mold.with rattle. Has anyone out.there bought one or used one. Looking for feedback before i buy
  10. So if you had an idea for.a new hook design where would you turn to for trying to turn it into something?
  11. Thanks Leonard, that's what I am currently doing for my most popular product. But my manufacturer has gotten so busy that turn around time is 8+ weeks. I have some lower volume products that I am shooting myself. So I am entertaining bringing everything in house.
  12. After you get to the point that hand injecting does not keep up with demand. Whats the next step? Injection machine brands, sizes, manufacturers etc. I tried multiple searches and nothing came up, so I thought I would ask the experts
  13. I have a customer looking for something similar to a Berkley Ripple Shad, Any ideas who might have a similar mold? I don't have to many specifics yet like length, thickness etc.
  14. looking for help. I am dipping worms into lure works VPI paint to change the color of the tails. Customers love them but I do not like how the puddling spot on the bottom of the tail dries. any thoughts on how to fix this problem? Sso far i have tried touching them on paper towel to remove excess before hanging them to dry and dabbing a Q-tip on them while they are hanging. neither method eliminates the puddling. Ultimately spraying the tails will be the way I want to do this, But am still searching for the best method to spray productively ( holding the worm so I can spray just the tail, no overspray) Currently I am doing hundreds at a time, But there is demand and need to do thousands at a time. Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated
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