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  1. Buck's Baits Veined Frogs

  2. Oiling Injector

    I use a tad of WD-40 before I start every time.
  3. Bts Molds Question

    I messaged you Frank this morning.
  4. Core Shot Experiment

    Is this the BT Ring Swimbait?
  5. Bts Molds Question

    I have emailed them about this with no response so I wondered if someone here would have one of these molds? I'm looking to purchase either the 5.25" Jerkbait or the 4.25" Jerkbait from bts molds but I was wondering about the action and also if someone would be willing to send me 2 or 3 so I can try it out first?
  6. Swimbait\glider

    Thanks guys
  7. Swimbait\glider

    Can someone refer me to a post where it talks about getting into making their own swimbait\glider? I'm a plastics guy and would like to try it out so I just need as much info as possible. Is there a good beginners post that covers carving, weighting, jointing, painting, sealing...Thanks
  8. Banjo Minnow

    Is there a plastic mold out there that resembles the Banjo minnow? Thanks
  9. Terra Cotta Air Dry Clay

    Has anyone used this to make their own molds? I have a friend that's giving away 10lbs of it and thinking about trying to make my own mold, but have never done it.
  10. Black Tubes

    I use X2 Black colorant from Do-It (Caney Creek) and it works for me.
  11. Fat Ika Weight?

    If you end up shipping a few lbs, I'm interested...from IN.
  12. Fat Ika Weight?

    Are these the same glass beads that are harmful if breathed in, that I've heard about in the past?
  13. Go To Color

    Do you make that with clear and a few drops of your watermelon color then?
  14. Go To Color

    Just wanted to take a poll of your favorite stick bait colors in 2 to 3' visibility...
  15. Faster Hand-Dipping Process

    I make swimbaits and frogs most of the time and then add my eyes and re-dip each one in clear plastic to seal them up. It just seems time at a time. What's your process? Is there a way to make this faster? Thanks